Climate change is now an accepted threat of our planet, but there is not enough political actions to control excessive consumerism and pollution.Do you agree or disagree? What measure can be taken to help the process?

It is believed that our planet’s weather have been changing recently, although the amount of pollution and consumerism have a great deal of effect on global warming which cannot be controlled because each personal life styles are affecting. There are many things that cause the pollution such as, population or the increase of private cars in streets. I agree to some extent, it’s a team work between people and governments to solve these problems.

Undoubtedly, it became a controversial issue to deal with problems which are caused by the population like consumerism and pollution. There are many factors which influences pollution like the poor public transportation. As it becomes less active, more cars will appear in streets. Another point is that while we are producing a lot of new, worthless things in a short period of time we actually will help the culture of consumerism growth which is not good.

To solve these problems, it would be wonderful if people force themselves to be more concerned about their planet and governments should plan for better public services in order to decrease the pollution. They can add more buses or taxis for daily transportation and decrease the prices to encourage people to use them. In order to control the consumerism, companies ought to produce high quality products to avoid creating rubbish. Therefore, people will be more loyal to their appliance and they will be happy and less demanding.

Lastly, people and governments must face the fact that despite natural climate change, we are causing some serious problems which lead to global warming. Thus, we have to take some actions like decreasing the pollution by using public transportation or not to just be a consumer and being worried about the earth in order to avoid this man made effect on climate.

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