the diagram below shows the production of a lead pencil.summarise the information by selecting and reporting main features and make comparisons where relevant

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The production by which pencils are manufactured can be outlined in a series steps.

For the very first step, the seeds of tree as the main material are replanted into an isolated medium. Furthermore, after more than 3 years, they are planted in wide farmland. Accordingly, more than 14 years developments are needed to cut down the trees for production process. It is to ensure that wood are grown enough.

The woods then sliced by chainsaw so it becomes thin slats with good shape. About two months are required for drying process before it continues to make groove on its surface. Then, back leads are putted down onto the grooves and covered with another slat. Its fragment forms as a sandwich. Before this rudimentary pencil is separated, the sandwiched-slat is hardly pressed whilst heated in high degree temperature. That is needed to make the fragments stick properly tight.

Once the pencils have cut and become single items, they are painted, sharpened, and stamped. This is the last process before they get packaged and delivered to the markets, as a significant writing tool.

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back leads are putted down
back leads are put down

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