Sample IELTS speaking: preferences (hobbies)

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68. Do you have a hobby? ( 5 - 8 )
Yes. My hobby is stamp collecting. I have been collecting stamps for the past two years now. That is to say, for two years I have chosen stamp collecting to be my only hobby. I regularly spend time working on my collection. I guess I spend about two hours every week on my hobby. This is mainly over weekends, as I do not have time during the week.

69. Why have you chosen this hobby? ( 5 - 6 )
That’s an interesting question. Allow me to explain myself/my personal views by shortly mentioning the following points: First of all, it’s a very interesting hobby. For example, the stamps from other countries often say something about that country and it’s people.

69. Why have you chosen this hobby? ( 7 - 8 )
First of all, when you collect stamps, you are able to learn more about the world, and you will not be bored easily. What I mean to say is that you can get stamps from every country in the world, and the stamps often say something about that country and it’s people. Secondly, you are able to meet new friends through your hobby. For instance, you have a common interest with someone else, and you can discuss your collections together for many hours. Lastly, the hobby will teach you some self-discipline and how to be very systematic. That is to say, you have to tend to your collection regularly, and you have to sort the stamps according to internationally recognized systems.

70. What are good hobbies, and what are bad hobbies? ( 5 - 8 )
In my opinion, good hobbies are those ones that give you the opportunity to develop a new skill. For example, collecting stamps teaches you to be systematic. Bad hobbies on the other hand may result in you acquiring bad habits. For example, TV and computer games will result in you neglecting your studies.

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