TPO 41 - Question 5

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TPO 41 - Question 5

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The woman's problem is that she need to stay on campus to help her professor with some researches and she has trouble finding an appropriate housing. There are two solutions for her. The first solution is that she could stay with her friends for about two weeks. And the other option is that she could apply for the only dorm room opened on campus. If I were her, I would definitely choose the second option, because the first solution has a problem that her friends may hold numbers of parties since it's in semester break. but she need a quiet place to live in and get up early. And I believe it is not a big deal to live in the school's dorm room although she has to spend some money. cos the charge must be cheap since the dorm room is on campus.

 In this conversation, the woman is having a hard time dealing with the problem that staying on campus during the semester break, and the dorm is always closed, so she needs to find a place to stay for two weeks. And the man offers her two possible solutions. One is staying with her friends who live in an apartment not too far from campus. The other is the woman can get special permission to stay at the dorm.

And if it were my choice, I would choose the latter one, because her friends will be on vacation and they may party too much and the woman will have to get up early in the morning and work all day, so she needs a quiet environment to sleep well. Although staying at the dorm will not as cheap as staying with her friends, at least it’ll guarantee her a good environment that suits her situation.