The following appeared in a memo from the Mayor of the city of Hillview In order to alleviate the serious unemployment problem in our town we should encourage Autotech to build its automobile manufacturing plant in our area The Hillview landfill which has

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The following appeared in a memo from the Mayor of the city of Hillview:

“In order to alleviate the serious unemployment problem in our town, we should encourage Autotech to build its automobile manufacturing plant in our area. The Hillview landfill, which has been undeveloped for decades, is a perfect site for this plant. The building and staffing of this plant will put to work thousands of Hillview residents left unemployed after Computech computer software programming company abandoned its national facility last year. I am asking the City Council to authorize a large campaign to attract the company and offer significant tax incentives to make our town attractive to this giant of car manufacturing.”

Write a response in which you discuss what questions would need to be answered in order to decide whether the recommendation and the argument on which it is based are reasonable. Be sure to explain how the answers to these questions would help to evaluate the recommendation.

The memo recommends to encourage the Autotech - automobile manufacturing plant- in the city of Hillview to reduce the unemployment problem. He suggests that the Autotech can provide jobs for unemployed residents of hillview and there is a suitable place for the company to boils its plants. And he asks the City council to reduce the tax and fund a large campaign to attract company to Hillview. At first, the recommendation seems valid but a deeper analysis of the recommendation and argument suggests that the recommendations may not work in all cases until below questions are answered.

Does the Hillview landfill has all the necessary characteristics required for building a automobile manufacturing plant? Answering this question is very important to evaluate the recommendation provided by the mayor. The Mayor bases his argument in the view that the landfill is apt for building a manufacturing plant. There are several things which should be taken into account while building a manufacturing plant like sufficiently large open space, adequate water supply and good road conditions etc. What if the landfill does not have large enough space to accommodate the plant? Or it could be possible that the soil type of landfill is not suitable for construction of large buildings? The mayor does not consider all these points before arguing that the landfill is suitable place. If, the mayor can provide sufficient data to prove that the landfill can be used to develop a large scale building, the recommendation stands valid, else the recommendation not seems logical.

Will Autotech be able to employ all unemployed people in Hillview? Automobile manufacturing may need a whole new set of skills altogether. The mayor mentions that the unemployment is caused by the Computech programming company. This indicated that the unemployed people may not have the required skill sets for manufacturing because programming and manufacturing are completely different. It could be possible that, though the Autotech establishes a plant in Hillview, it may not be able to recruit a considerable amount of people from Hillview. Also there are many factor that determine the number of employees required for a company like the budget or the availability of work. What if the Autotech just establishes a small plant which hardly required 100 employees? In this case it is less likely that the unemployment problem will be reduced.

Though the city council launches a campaign and gives some tax deduction facility to the company it does not mean the campaign will be able to attract the Autotech. What if the Autotech is in financial crisis and not willing to expand its facilities? In this case launching the campaign is of no use for Hillview. If the mayor is able to say that the Autotech is financially strong and is looking to expand its operations, the recommendation seems to work.

To conclude, the mayor fails to give a viable recommendation since his arguments are based on some unanswered questions. If the answers are provided to those questions, the recommendation may not be practical. Hence, the city council should take the recommendation from mayor with a grain of salt.

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The memo recommends to encourage the Autotech - automobile manufacturing...
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...answered. Does the Hillview landfill has all the necessary characteristics requi...
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...y characteristics required for building a automobile manufacturing plant? Answeri...
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...of people from Hillview. Also there are many factor that determine the number of employees ...
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...ople from Hillview. Also there are many factor that determine the number of employees ...

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