1.The effectiveness of a country's leaders is best measured by examining the well-being of that country's citizens.Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the statement and explain your reasoning for

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1. The effectiveness of a country's leaders is best measured by examining the well-being of that country's citizens.

Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the statement and explain your reasoning for the position you take. In developing and supporting your position, you should consider ways in which the statement might or might not hold true and explain how these considerations shape your position.

The author of prompt has proposed that the lucid benchmark of a leader’s effectiveness is welfare stand of denizens. This is the claim with which I strongly do concur. Among the countless reasons and facts which give adherence to my viewpoint, I would list the most conspicuous ones in what follows.

The first striking fact which should be highlighted here is that providing the salient of people is the main responsibility of a leader. In the modern era, a governor is of the people, by the people, and for the people; in other words, nowadays a leader regardless of his religious, nationality, and sex is selected from a people and give a service to the same people. In a case that the majority get satisfied with these services, the leader has done his occupation correctly. For instance, considered one of the categories of welfare such as the high-level of health stands of society as the evaluation factor. In a case that a governor has provided the free public services which informs people about the contiguous illness and methods of prevention, or free treatment center for curing the severe illness, people will stand in better health status and they will not have to care about their basic needs of physical health. Therefore, people's satisfaction with the service shows who well the governor has done his fundament duty.

Another equally noteworthy reason which should be considered is that the leader is obliged to provide this welfare to warrants his political group popularity. Indeed, any leader is elected from a specific political group, and he is the representor of that group. Thus, his function is measured as the entire group's function. If that political group is willing to possess its popularities and get higher votes in the other election, the candid leader has to provide the well-being of the denizens. An obvious example of this reason is my country instance, since the current government of my country does not work efficiently, and people cannot fulfill their basic requirement, at the election of the mayor, the candidate of his group has not been elected. Since people have assumed that the same malfunction will be presented by this candidate too.

However, some people may hold the view that there some long-termed programs which requires extra energy and efforts and if a governor has focused on this aim and sacrifices the people welfare, it will not be titled as the ineffectiveness of the people. Although this view is logic is some bases, it overlooks a subtle point. A leader should have this capacity to handle both sides simultaneously and fairly. In fact, while the long-term project is processing properly, people are also should get satisfied with their initial needs.

To wrap it up, all the aforementioned reasons and facts explicitly depict that the sound evaluation factor of a leader's effectiveness is the well-being of the people. Since the initial duty of the leader is providing the welfare, and this satisfaction should be provided until the political group backing the president continues its reputation. Besides no crucial and long-term plan does not halt the governors from fulfilling this notable responsibility.

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