The best way for a society to prepare its young people for leadership in government industry or other fields is by instilling in them a sense of cooperation not competition Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree wi

Today's world is a very competitive world. Everyone is filled with a sense of competition among his milieu. So the claim of the author that "The best way for a society to prepare its young people for a leadership in government, industry, or other fields is by instilling in them a sense of cooperation, not competition" is a very debatable topic. On the one hand where it is true that a person needs to be cooperative with his colleagues, but on the other hand it is imperative that he needs to be competitive at the same time. The reasons for my position will be explained in subsequent paragraphs.

First of all, contemporary society is a very competitive society. Every person is thriving to survive in this society, be it by any means, by hook, or by crook. Due to this reason, people who are too trusting and credulous get cheated by others. So one has to be competitive in this society and should keep his benefits on his priority. For example, in a company, when a person reaches one of the top positions in the company, then he is supposed to be fully dedicated towards the company as he's aware of the inner workings of the company. He has to be competitive in nature to get his company to make the best of profits and make new deals. Suppose he leaks out some confidential details to some other person, which may result in the benefit of another company. So one has to be competitive in modern society.

On the other hand, it is true that every person should have a sense of cooperation also. In today's world, every person is supposed to work with a team at some or another stage in his life. If the person is not cooperative, then he would be seen as a pariah by his colleagues. Especially, when in a leadership position, a person has to be cooperative and flexible enough to understand the various needs of his teammates and the problems faced by them. He just cannot remain in his own bubble. He has to work with every member of the team and thrive for excellence in a collective notion as not only his but his team's progress will be counted. Also in fields like politics, while making a policy or taking any decision, you ought to consider the views of everyone and understand what people want. Cooperation is the key to success in such fields.

Also, human beings live in societies. They interact with tons of people in their daily life. Every person has a different point of view and different thoughts. So sometimes, this leads to arguments between the people. So it is upon us to be cooperative and try to understand other person's viewpoint. We've to stay collectively in this society and make it better.

Hence, to conclude, the basic requisite in today's world, according to me, is to have a sense of cooperation along with being competitive to survive in society. Having a sense of cooperation helps a human being in becoming a better member of society while being competitive ensures his survival in the world and pushes him to be the best.

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