A nation should require all of its students to study the same national curriculum until they enter college.Write a response in which you discuss the extent to which you agree or disagree with the recommendation and explain your reasoning for the position

The claim saying that the curriculum of all nation should be same for students before going to college is unreasonable from the standpoints of students, and unrealistic from the perspective of a nation. The meaning of having all of its students to study the same curriculum is very straightforward, that is regardless of individual students’ need and conditions of different school districts, every student studies the same areas of human knowledge. This claim is too extreme to consider it sound one. Despite of the pros of it, there is simply too persuasive cons to agree with it.

Education has always been a vital sector for the development of a nation, through which people can contribute to the building of a society in a more constructive way. It becomes more evident if you look at the correlation between a nation’s educational plan and it economic potential after that. Compulsory education laws have long history with exception granted to parents who want to homeschool their children. Education is important, which require foresighted nation to enact effective laws to ensure beneficial knowledge to be imparted to young minds. But will the claim satisfy this need?

Having the same curriculum is a surefire way for a nation to keep track of what is being taught in the class and make sure every school is at the same pace and position with each other at the educational level. Effectively, the nation with same curriculum has a better control over their education sector, resulting in detrimental effects if this power was wielded at the wrong hands. Some people may argue that education is too critical too hand down to local school board, worrying them setting a deviant goal from one that satisfy national needs. The previous arguments stress the importance of appropriate education to a nation. Whereas, it falsely assume that having the same curriculum is the only path granted with assurance to the goal.

Admittedly, aspired nations are in need of people with skills and talents. But, the claim isn’t necessarily the right way to resolve this. For one thing, building a robust nations requires various talents, which are most likely a result of flexible study plan according to individual preference instead of a fixed one decided by some scholars in the office room. For another, different regions probably have their unique resource available in affecting and assisting education, which is the same principle applied in agriculture. People grow berries instead of mushroom in California. Insisting on the same curriculum is an act of ignoring local educational condition and blindly makes irresponsible orders. And most often, when an order is contradictory with what most people would it like to be, the final outcome isn’t a pleasant one for both sides.

In sum, if a nation’s final goal is for the sake of its own and its people, the claim in the prompt isn’t the right approach to it despite it’s the seemingly well-intended. The cons overweight pros in terms of its application. To have miscellaneous talents to corroborate for the development of a nation in the future, it entails more than a simple national standardized curriculum.

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