The surest indicator of a great nation is represented not by the achievements of its rulers artists or scientists but by the general welfare of its people

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The surest indicator of a great nation is represented not by the achievements of its rulers, artists, or scientists, but by the general welfare of its people.

The scientific researches and achievements of country's leaders and artists represent the country's greatness in the world. But the achievements of artists and scientists are not a truest indicator of the country's greatness. If one needs to judge a country's greatness, they should measure it based on the lives of general people of the country. Hence, I agree with the statement that the surest indicator of any country's greatness is the general welfare of its people.

Firstly, the greatness of the country can not be directly determined by the scientific researches and artistic works. Many countries have reaches the apex of the scientific research and artistic works but still they fail to provide basic needs to general people. When India had successfully launched the Chandrayana-2 on the moon, it was one of the proudest moment for India. Many countries had praised India for successfully launching of Chandrayana-2. However, this scientific research alone can not determine the greatness of India. The scientific research is only an external indicator. There are many citizens of India who can not even feed their family a one time of food. More than one percent of citizens of India leaves under the poverty line. So, if one wants to measure the greatness of a country, they should see the living conditions of general people of that country.

Moreover, life expectancy of any country is also a strong indicator of welfare of the people. Because it is somehow directly proportional to the healthcare services and living conditions of the country. If a country provides good health services to almost all people of the country without any biasing, the life expectancy of people will increase. Another major factor of life expecatncy is the living conditions. If general people of a country have access to good food and water everyday, it will increase the overall life expectancy.

In conclusion, scientific researches, artistic works and achievements of rulers are just an external indicators of the greatness of the country. The living condtions of general people of the country are the truest indicators of the greatness of the country. How successful is the country to provide basic necessities to the unpriviliged people defines the greatness of the country in a truenst sense.

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