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IELTS writing and speaking 8.0

The aim is to create a synergic group shooting for the high 8. Please do collaborate and improve... more

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Toefl Reading practice.

Hi, I am looking help for reading section where I need 22+ score. I am looking for the available... more

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真正的才智是刚毅的志向。 —— 拿破仑

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Learning English

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Ielts Preparation

Ielts preparation - Target 7.0

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Myself study

I want to study any english skills, but if anybody want to attemp with me to try learning... more

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Score high on GRE

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Try Our Best

This group will be the most suitable place for students and also teachers all over the world to... more

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Learn English

Hi friends, it is very hard to learn english language by own but if we are learning together it... more

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