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Q)Children’s leisure activities must entirely be educational.To what extent do you agree or disagree?Substantiate your views with examples.(B gud text book)

We live in the world of cut-throat competition.Most of the people tend to believe that ,children must be taught even through recess activities but some have a contrary view.This essay is an attempt to analyze whether free time activities can wholly be educational or not

To begin with,there are people who claim that the recess activities must be fully educational.They think that children get a lot of free time and it must be channelized to do various educational activities in order to equip themselves with the rising demands of modern society.moreover they also feel that children learn easily through recreational activities and they arouse children’s curiosity.

On the other hand,I tend to believe that young minds should not be burdened by diverting their enjoyable activities to be educational.Learning is always a progressive activity and must be instilled gradually.Otherwise kids could easily be overwhelmed and worn-out ,eventually learning would be like a nightmare for them.In addition children must be encouraged to refresh and recharge themselves to study further as learning with a fresh mind would enable them to grasp easily rather than doing the same wiyh tiresome mind and body.Further more teaching young students with various activities during the class or study hours is better than stealing time from their leisure period.

To recapitulate,although children easily learn by doing innovative leisure activities I tend to opine that they must be left freely to engage in activities they really like rather than pressurizing them to involve in educational activities.

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