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The exposure to international media has a significant impact on our cultures, what impact does it have on local culture? Do you think its advantage outweighs its disadvantage?

The emergence of international media has changed the face of the earth. It has transformed the world into a global village, where a new uniform culture exists. Today media plays a noteworthy role in the lives of people across the world, however it can be a positive or a negative impact.

Firstly, local culture benefits from international media in myriad ways. Man knowingly or unknowingly has come to trust upon media, for its ideas, views on different issues and so on. For instance, citizens of developing country have started comparing their political leaders to that of developed countries, and have started raising voices if injustice is observed. Moreover, it is only because of the global media that, one has become aware of human rights and has started demanding their privileges. Women in unindustrialized countries have recognized the power of feminism and have adopted it with open hands.

However, there are also many ill-effects of the world media on local culture. Children and teenagers throughout the world, act like clones, dressing up like David Beckham, riding Harley Davidson and other similar things. In adopting the luminous lifestyle of the developed countries, as broadcasted on television, man has come to an extent that he has completely discarded his own culture. To cite few examples, marriage is no longer a lifelong relationship, cohabitation has become a usual thing, and children no longer respect their parents and want to live on their own terms. In addition to this, one of the biggest damage which the international media can do or is done to local culture is, transforming it to materialistic society. This has further widened the gaps between haves and have-nots.

To sum up, international media is like a double edged sword. It has its share of positive and negative impacts. But its benefits outweighs its drawbacks also it depends on us how we can use it for our own benefit.

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