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With the over-accelerated pace of globalization, we now enjoy far more conveniences than our ancesstors. However, more and more increasing business and culture contacts have generated a new question that whether these contacts can lead to a loss of countries' identity. In my opinion, this view may be over-considered.

Firstly of all, although some people regard globalization with hostily, even fear, believing that it increases inequalty within or between countries, curbs the differences between cultures, we can not lose sight of its obvious advantages. It must be admitted that the communications between different cultures can facilitate the economic and cultual development in many countries, especially some countries of Third World. The contacts give these people a chance or a opportunity to absorb the quintessences of other developed countries as well as obtain and carry forward their own abundant and brilliant culture.

Secondly, on the contrary, in some countries which pursued inward-oriented policy, we can get a information from their domestic statistics that their economies staguated or declined, poverty increased and traditional oboriginal culture was also in a stage of endangerment. Since being lack of contacting with other cultures, the local residences did not really realize the meaning of cherishing their own historical relics and folk arts. If they embrace themselves to the outside world, they will be pride to understand what invaluable their culture is, and they will be in attempt to preserving their ethnic and cultural identity.

Finally, the impacts of globalization can be solved throug our efforts. The governments should take the responsibility of protecting and inheriting their great and profound culture identity by building more ethnic and cultural musems and financing more non-government organizations which put efforts on spreading folk arts and resist forced assimilation.

In conclusion, the facts that we have domonstrated lead us to believe that communications between different nations will don't devastate theier identities, but to some extent can protect them, and we can also solve the problems without fears.

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