The tables and pie chart show in percentage terms of the results of a survey of a new shopping complex in Auckland, New Zealand.'s picture

The tables and pie chart compare about the outcomes of a study of a recent shopping complex in Auckland, New Zealand.

Overall, it can be seen that the satisfaction rate of shoppers surpassed the unsatisfied proportion in all three surveys (shops, restaurants and the design) of a fresh shopping complex.

In terms of shops and restaurants, males were not as very satisfied as females, at 17% vs 34% for the former and 25% vs 27% for the later respectively. In contrary, females were far less happy than males, at 37% vs 45% (shops) and 32% vs 55% (restaurants). Interestingly, the proportion of dissatisfaction for shops remained identical at 20% each for the given two genders, whereas females (21%) who seemed dissatisfied were four times greater than boys (5%) regarding the restaurants. Males and females who did not pass comment on shops and restaurants ranged from 9% to 20%.

Turning to the design, approximately three-fifths (62%) of the respondents appeared satisfied, making it the highest total. On the other hand, only about one fifth (17%) of participants sounded very satisfied. Dissatisfied percent stood at 11%, which was just ahead of one with no comment at 10%.

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