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You read an article in a magazine recently which might be useful for you and your friend's job. Write a letter to your friend and say -Describe an article and its content, explain why it is good for you, why would it be helpful for your friend?


Dear Jan,

Hope you are doing good. It has been long time since we communicated, well let me explain the reason to write this letter to you. Last week I went to my university library and found a interesting article in the magazine name " Electronic now a days".
The article was related to nano technology and it explain everything about it, like how nano technology works, what are it's score in communication sector.

Writer used simple language, even a layman can understand it. I am pretty sure that it will enhance your knowledge in the field of nano technology, as I remember when we met last time,then you had discussed about it and explain me in a brief that how this area can improve your job profile. I requested librarian to allow me to take the photocopy of this article, but, she refused to give me the permission as it violate the copyright act, moreover university does not allow students to take any photos or copy from a original book.

you can buy this magazine via internet or by post. This article on the mentioned magazine in January edition on page 21 and it is written by famous scientist Dr. Shayam.
If need any extra information about it , please feel free to call me, I am always free for you.

Your truly,
Satpreet Singh

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