Buying fashionable clothies is wasteful because people do not need new clothes all the time. Clothing should be bought and used more wisely.Do you agree?

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Fashion since time immemorial, has been important and some people like to be seen as fashionable in every aspect including wearing of fashionable clothes, cars. Others have however, taken another point of view that use of fashionable clothes are unnecessary and clothes should be bought once in a while and use wisely. A proper analysis of these perspectives will be done.

The importance of fashionable clothes in this 21st century cannot be underrated. The need of some people to be seen as fashionable by friends, colleagues and family has made them to buy fashionable clothes at all time. Buying fashionable clothes is one of the priorities of these people as their self worth is tied to other people's perception of them. Furthermore, the need to look smart also serves as one of the reasons given for buying fashionable clothes.

On the other hand, fashionable cloth is seen as luxury not necessity. People according to this perspective can do without it. Buying of cloth is seen here as one of the basic necessity of life and nothing more. It is believed by this school of thought that fashionable clothes can create enmity between the haves and haves not. It creates a conflict between the two classes. Clothes should be bought and use more wisely.

Conclusively, buying of fashionable cloth is important and should not be overemphasised. One's priority actually defines one's perspective. I think use of fashionable clothes should be in moderation.

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