What are the key problems facing the world's cities in the 21st,and what can be done about them?

Essay topics: What are the key problems facing the world's cities in the 21st,and what can be done about them?

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Nowadays, the number of people increases significantly in the world’s cities due to migration, so many people flow in the cities for getting job and more opportunities. However, they encounter several challenges in the cities and sometimes they claim that they are frustrated, so there are a couple of problems in the world’s cities. What are the main issues world’s cities confront today and how can they be dealt with? This essay will illustrate the causes of the problems and solutions.

One of the major problems is associated with traffic system, so most people who live in the cities have their own cars and a great deal of cars causes traffic congestion. Many people are stuck in the traffic jam and they are stressful because they lose their time and they cannot reach where they want to go. Each government strives to tackle this issue whereas even the most developed countries are not able to solve it. In my opinion, it may be one of the efficient solutions that governments should try to reduce the figure of people in the big cities, so they could build new work places in the rural areas and the residents of those areas can be taken on there and they will not flock to the cities for job.

Another issue is that many plants which are situated inside the city pollute the air and water. Also, the first problem, namely traffic jam is one of the factors which had a positive impact on pollution since cars release more gas to the atmosphere when they stay at traffic congestion. The governments need to transfer the factories outside the city and apply the modern technology in order to clean the air and water. These might be more sufficient to address this problem.

In conclusion, it is unquestionable fact that crucial problems still exist in the world’s cities and they take a toll on the standard of people’s life adversely. The governments are expected to do their best to cope with issues facing the cities while it does not depend on only them. The individuals should avoid making dirty environment and help the government to prevent city problems.

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