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7. Young people should try different jobs before they decide which job or career they will choose in the long term. Do you agree or disagree?

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By and large, the career choice, is one the most important elements in people's lives. This will not only effect the life condition of a person but also can easily effect the lifestyle of his children and her family. There are a plethora of people who are in the conviction that one needs to try out various kinds of jobs before settling for one, while others take an opposite point of view. To the extent that my personal perspective is concerned, I accord with the first group. Among countless reasons which give adherence to my opinion, I will delve into the most important ones in what follows.
Firstly, through experiencing different jobs, you can find your weaknesses and strengths. You can practically examine your talents and find what you're passionate about. For instance, I always believed to be a good salesman, but choosing a job in industrial tool trade showed me that, I'm not a people person for sure and don't have what it takes to be a good salesman. The customers practically were overtaking the control of my life. And I was miserably unable to satisfy them and simultaneously keep my distance from them. They would invite me to parties, which I hated and would try to make a more personal relationship with me. Four months later, I decided to start teaching Turkish, which was my native language, for Farsi speakers. The teaching turned out to be very monotonous for me .After trying out many jobs, I went into mountain climbing, which was an absolute fit for me. I was able to keep my distance from people, mentally and practically, and get the excitement I wished for.
Second of all, trying different jobs can result a stronger social capital. You meet a lot of people in different occupations and they may come handy in matters that is not expected. For example my brother Saleh started his Coffee-shop when he was 35, and had tried out many jobs. He had a head start comparing to other Coffee houses, since a lot of people came to his store only because they had intimate relations with him. There raw coffee was bought much cheaper, since my brother was friend with the store owner and the list continued.
In short, all the aforementioned reasons come to the conclusion that trying out many jobs before settling for one is of importance since it will help you to get a better understanding about your abilities and will increase your social capital.

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