Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Television advertising directed towards young children (aged two to five) should not be allowed.Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

In the modern era, advertisements are regarded as crucial factors contributing to the thriving and popularity of companies. One of the heated debates in this realm is associated with their impacts on young children. Many people adhere to the view that they are safe and does not have any adverse effects on kids, while others find them destructive. Ego, when it comes to my stance, by weighing up the pros and cons, I firmly hold that the disadvantages of commercials outweigh their merits for young people. In what follows, I will cogently pinpoint my most conspicuous reasons to justify my point of view.

The first exquisite point to be mentioned is that kids could easily be manipulated by deceiving ads. When they are exposed to a tv commercial, they will be chanted by the colorful animals and believe whatever that comes out from their little mouths. My personal experience is a compelling example of this. I have a little brother who is a huge enthusiast of the commercials. He keeps staring at them for hours and even sings alongside the fictional characters. He trusts these cartoon figures more than his family. Once, they were introducing a bar of expensive chocolate, which the animals flew after eating it. My brother started crying and plead my parents to buy one for him. After he tasted it, he found out that the fake ads fooled him because he could not fly.

Another equally significant point to be mentioned is that the excessive amount of ads on the television makes the children suppose that they do not have enough toys. When the programs depict happy young boys and girls with tons of toys, our little viewers believe that they will not experience prosperous lives unless they have scores of toys. As a result, the argument with families will be intensified so that they will always blame their parents for not buying their desirable material. For instance, my cousin is an eight-year-old boy. Like my brother, he cares too much about the advertisements. Although he has a plethora of toys, he always seeks different channels for new ones. Sometimes his parents can not afford to buy those expensive objects for him, so he starts crying for days and stops eating food to make them behave as he wants. Thus, not only do the commercials exert financial burden on families, but they also increase conflicts among the members.

In brief, contemplating all the aforementioned reasons, one soon realizes that commercials that designed for kids are not beneficial for the community. This is because they deceive them by using interesting figures, and bring extra effort for parents to deal with their children's irrational requests.

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