Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?It is better to finish a project completely and then begin another project than to work on two or more projects at the same time.

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?

It is better to finish a project completely and then begin another project than to work on two or more projects at the same time.

The modern life is a place of competition for the doing and presentation of different projects. Perhaps the most significant milestone of these presentations is the quality them. While some people are in the conviction that the handling one task in each attempt is a sound idea; others, on the other hand, believe otherwise. I absolutely agree with the first group and will cogently explicate my stance on this issue in what follows.

The first reason which shapes my outlook is that the focusing and handling a sole issue is convenient. In fact, each project can be considered as a duty for the person acceptance it. Moreover, the fundamental aspect of each mission is the best presentation. If an individual does not provide the adequate function in the particular task, his effort will be abortive and meaningless. By considering that, the acceptance of enormous responsibilities at the same time can lead to the decrement of the person's function. A vivid example can be given to shed light on the subject is my own instance. When I was a university student, for one semester I picked two practical projects, architecture design and project management, it was a very arduous task to concentrate on both duties at the same time. As a result, I gained lower mark in both of them. However, I picked each of them in one semester; I would be able to pass them with the best record.

The second factor which advocates my idea is that the focusing in one issue means fewer mistakes. Indeed, as there is a sufficient span of time for the presentation, the feasibility of the failure is small. Therefore, the opportunity of the best outcome is more than the handling the various tasks in the identical period. According to the noteworthy, intelligence survey conducted in my country, by the decrement of the span required for a particular task into a half, the possibility of error is doubled. In this condition, the different duties at the same time lead to a short period of their preparation. This study lucidly explains that the sufficient time for the function is the crucial element for the success.

Nevertheless, some people may assume that by doing two or more jobs at the same time, they can be fast. Moreover, today's hectic lifestyle demands this rapid pace. However, they overlook the importance of the result. As mentioned above, if the works' outcomes possess the lots errors, the fast speed is useless; since people should redo the previous tasks to modify their failures. Consequently, they repeat the same time, and it is more time consuming than doing a sole job. This condition thoroughly demonstrates the speed and validity of doing one task.

To wrap it up, all aforementioned reasons can lead us to the logical result that it is better to finish one task and then initiate the other one. The focusing in one issue, the task will be easy to handle, it will end to fewer mistakes; moreover, it will be done in the shorter period. All in all, I firmly recommend the finishing one job and then the starting another task to be sure of its outcome and success.

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