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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement.Students are more interested in politics now than they were in the past.

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By and large, throughout the history politics have directly influenced people's life and students as a literate and elite portion of the population have been traditionally engaged in this matter. However, there are a plethora of people who are in the conviction that students penchant toward politics have soared comparing to the past, while others take a radically different point of view and disagree. To the extent that my personal perspective is concerned, I accord with the first group. Among countless reasons which give adherence to my opinion, I will delve into the most conspicuous ones in the subsequent paragraphs.
Firstly, the advancement of technology have provided students with more variegated instruments, such as smart phones and computers, to be aware of the direct influence of political decision on their life and therefore they are more enthusiastic toward politics than before. For instance my grandfather, a well-educated person, always tells stories about how politics for him as a student was equal to communism, since the only ones that oversaw the news were those who favored communism. He was completely ignorant about the effect of politics on his and his beloved one's life and believed that politic is the major of devil. Were we able to use all this new technologies, we could have promoted a better understanding about it and be more inclined toward politics. The prevalence of Internet in our modern era has raised students awareness about the social changes that stem from political decisions and in the same breath they can freely access different perspectives and therefore are more eager toward politic.
Secondly, students nowadays have more freedom comparing to past and since they can act on their personal views regarding politics are more interested in it. Gone are the days where students were captured and tortured due to their political believes. The totalitarian and fanatic governments have been superseded with more liberal ones and as a result have provided student with more opportunities to contribute and enjoy different perspectives regarding politics. My uncle for example, was arrested in Shah's tyrant regime 40 years ago and my other three uncle whom were students at the time resented politics and everything related to it. Little did they know, almost every action that takes place in our environment is somehow related to politic. I, on the other hand have seen the consequences of legislator's catastrophic decisions and have read about the lies through political figures to cover for it and I am more eager to learn about it since I possess the freedom to act on my knowledge about politics.
In short all the afore mentioned reasons and explanations leads to the conclusion that student are nowadays more interested in politics than before since they are equipped with more variegated perspectives and have the freedom to take part in it.

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