Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?The private car has brought more harm than benefits to the planet.Use reasons and specific examples to support your opinion.

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?
The private car has brought more harm than benefits to the planet.
Use reasons and specific examples to support your opinion.

Private cars have both advantages and disadvantages. They have facilitated transportation while their exhaust emissions are considered as a source of pollution. However, I believe that benefits of private cars to our planet can outweigh its adverse effects.

Green groups lunch campaigns against private cars because of their potential to produce green house gases, the gases that contribute in overheating of our planet. They contend that burning fossil fuels in combustion engines is damaging the natural ecosystem of our Earth and will eventually leave it as a deserted land. On the other hand, scientists have shown that industry has the greatest share, about 70%, of air pollution.

Despite their ability to emit gaseous pollutants, they are major transportation means in some areas of the world. I personally can name a list of small villages and remote places in African countries that without a private car, the people only can reach the nearby cities by riding a donkey. The limited numbers of private cars they own are the only means that bring doctors, medication, teachers, books, and humanitarian helps to them. They have learnt how to treat their environment and minimize the damage to the surrounding natural habitat.

In addition to their use in empowering the deprived areas, private cars can be used in exploration trips. Satellites surveying the surface of our planet are very precise and have replaced most of the exploratory trips that once were carried out by the help of private cars. However, there are still places that satellites are blind to them. Scientists have no way except to drive to those places. These expeditions are of utmost importance to protect the planes by making geo-biological maps of the Earth and finding the endangered species.

In conclusion, private cars have facilitated our access to some remote areas of the world and let us to enhance the life profile in those places. They helped us to explore the surface of our planet in order to give a better protection to those areas. Therefore, I believe that private cars have not brought more harms than benefit to our planet.

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Well, the examples seem not strong enough to support more benefits than harm.

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