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TPO-07 - Independent Writing Task Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?It is more important for students to understand ideas and concepts than it is for them to learn facts.Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

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I have seen people who just go for facts and do not really bother about how those facts are derieved.
However, It is really inportant for everyone to understand origin of facts, it gives insight and one can better remember those facts for longer time if you know the concepts behind it. This is perticulartly important for students which are building blocks of new society. They are one who going to apply those concepts for further reasearch, and help sociaty to solve big problems. I will be discussing these in detail below.

First off, you can remember facts for longer time if you know the idea and concepts behind it. This is true for me, if I don't understand concepts and just go for facts, I would not remember it for longer time. This could affect my course grades. So I think in long run, it is always great to go for concepts, once you understand concepts you will not need much effort to remember facts.

In addition to remembering for longer time, it is also useful for doing reasearch in those area. Doing reasearch needs through understanding of subject. Knowing ideas and concepts are basic things that you should be ready with to go for research. For example, one of my friend wanted to do reasearch in finding medicine for cancer. He had to read and understand basic concepts and idea which helped him to develop his own theories, and alalysing peer's work.

Finally, apply those concepts and ideas for other theories. If you know the corigin of facts and concepts in detail, you can apply those forother related theories. For example, we learn history for undersatnding how old people reacted to any perticular situations and analyse those to apply for today's problems.

Due to all reasons I discussed above, I believe, students should understand concepts and ideas begind facts than just mugging up fact. This ultimately going to benefit them in numerous ways, they can apply those concepts for other related thoeries as I explained above. They would be able to perform better at exam.

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