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TPO-23 - Independent Writing Task Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? In today’s world, it is more important to work quickly and risk making mistakes than to work slowly and make sure that everything is correct.Use specific reasons an

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I certainly agree to work slowly and make sure that everything is going well. Someone can consciously weigh the pros and cons of each side. The explanations go as follows.

Firstly, it is more likely to learn more. Nowadays, the world changes very swiftly and all youngsters and olds experience a huge advancement and improvement in several fields of science and engineering including transportation, communication, health caring, and even artificial intelligence. Working slowly and grantee that all tasks are correct either gives worker more free time to be up to date with new invention and progress or assists them to see all hidden aspects of a duty. This would be a great opportunity to reach to a profound understanding toward the subjects and materials and also it is a key factor that can help employees to address or handle job difficulties or problems.

Furthermore, avoiding from psychological and physical problems is another noticeable reason. In workplace, all people ought to work hard enough or concentrate to fulfill their tasks correctly. Because of this, they would suffer a lot of stress, pressure, and anxiety. Based on a research, which has been carried out in Society Department of Utah University in 2016, the workers who work quickly are 20% more vulnerable or prone to the mental and physical problems like heart palpitation, hypertension, depression, and chronic daily headache compared with the people who work slowly.

Admittedly, there are some justifications by one who argues that working fast and risk making mistakes is better. Chiefly, folk should save more money and time. These days, all companies and factories try to compete with each other. In this competition process any time and money saving is worthwhile or valuable and can aid agencies to access to either a business success or an extreme interest rate. However, still I affirm that all workers and managers should work slowly and properly. Although working speedy has some benefits, once you work slow, all the time and money loss can be compensated by offering a new elegant product or work to the market. Besides, any risky mistake can destroy all those mentioned saving.

Due to the aforementioned ground, all adults and children should bear in mind that working slowly and grantee that all things are right is ideal. Participation of learning and healthiness are two prime and conspicuous reasons.

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