Which one do you think is the most important for high school teacher (age from 15 to 18)?1.The ability to give students advice to plan for their future2.The ability to find which students need help and provide them with help3.The ability to encourage stud

In this progressive and sophisticated world, educational matters during high school play a significant role in the lives of human beings since they mainly determine students` success in the future. In this matter, teachers in high school should possess some essential abilities which provide students with a high-quality background before entering university. Although every person considers a specific ability as a fundamental skill for teachers, I believe that teaching students how to make plans for their future is of considerable importance for teachers who work with high school students. The reasons to substantiate my viewpoint are elaborated upon hereunder.
To begin with, I am of the opinion that during the age of fifteen to eighteen students have the most capacity for learning discipline and making long term plan. It is well proved that since students in the university will be preoccupied with numerous assignments and projects, one of the most central factors for reaching success is being able to make plans. To be more specific, being well-organized and disciplined are necessary abilities for leading a successful life in not only university but also daily life. My own experience is a compelling example of this concept. When I was a high school student, since my teacher had taught students to make plans for the whole semester at the beginning of it, I knew how to manage my time appropriately. This ability enabled me to flourish not only in my lessons but also in my non-academic programs. Indeed, I was able to devote sufficient time to my studies and to my athletic activities. As a result, after entering university, I not only completed my projects on time and became an A-straight student but also wined numerous sports matches. Had I not learned how to make plans and manage time, I would have not been able to graduate with high marks and flourished my sports talents simultaneously.
Moreover, being able to make effective plans, one can relieve stress and lead a healthy lifestyle. According to studies, young people at the age of fifteen to eighteen mostly suffered from a great deal of stress and anxiety since they should make the most paramount decisions for their future, their field of study for instance. If they are taught by a teacher who has the ability to advise them for making successful long term plan, they will not only get rid of extreme stress but also make a better decision since they become able to assess negative and positive aspects of every choice calmly without stress. As an illustration, since my teacher during high school provided students with strategies and techniques of making efficient plans which resulted in the desirable outcome, I did not suffer from stress which paved my way of living a healthy life. Conversely, my cousin who was taught by a teacher who did not know about making plans regularly suffered from anxious and mental illness since she did not know what to do with her future. I believe by enjoying a teacher with the ability to give advice for making plans she would have been able to experience a more enjoyable life.
In conclusion, having all the aforementioned reasons and examples into account, I think teachers of high school should enjoy the ability to teach students proper ways of making a long term plan. This is because it will not also help them to become disciplined and manage various activities at the same time but also enjoy healthy body.

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