Ethanol fuel made from plants such as corn and sugar cane has been advocated by some people as an alternative to gasoline in the United States However many critics argue that ethanol is not a good replacement for gasoline for several reasons First the inc

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Ethanol fuel, made from plants such as corn and sugar cane, has been advocated by some people as an alternative to gasoline in the United States. However, many critics argue that ethanol is not a good replacement for gasoline for several reasons.

First, the increased use of ethanol fuel would not help to solve one of the biggest environmental problems caused by gasoline use: global warming. Like gasoline, ethanol releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere when it is burned for fuel and carbon dioxide is greenhouse gas: it helps trap heat in the atmosphere. Thus, ethanol offers no environmental advantage over gasoline.

Second, the production of significant amounts of ethanol would dramatically reduce the amount of plants available for uses other than fuel. For example, much of the corn now grown in the United States is used to feed farm animals such as cows and chickens. It is estimated that if ethanol were used to satisfy just 10 percent of the fuel needs in the United States, more than 60 percent of the corn currently grown in the united stated would have to be used to produce ethanol. If most of the corn were used to produce ethanol, a substantial source of food for animals would disappear.

Third, ethanol fuel will never be able to compete with gasoline on price. Although the prices of ethanol and gasoline for the consumer are currently about the same, this is only because of the help in the form of tax subsidies given to ethanol producers by the United States government. These tax subsidies have cost the United States government over $11 billion in the past 30 years. If the United States government were to stop helping producers in this way, the price of ethanol would increase greatly.

The passage has expressed that ethanol fuel is not a good replacement for gasoline for some reason. However, the professor said in the lecture that none of those reasons are convincing, and ethanol is a good replacement for gasoline.
First, the passage has asserted that using ethanol would not help to solve the problem of global warming because it will produce carbon dioxide as like as gasoline. In contrast, the professor explained that burning ethanol produces carbon dioxide, but it will not cause global warming because ethanol generates from plants, and plants use carbon dioxide to grow. As a result, carbon dioxide will remove from the atmosphere.
Second, the passage has claimed that by producing ethanol, the food of many animals will disappear. In contrast, the professor explained that ethanol produces from the part of plants that animals do not eat (cellulose) so, it will not eliminate foods for animals.
Third, the passage has expressed that the ethanol's price is high and needs the government help to reduce the price, but the professor mentioned that when demand for ethanol increases the price will come down.

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