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In this sets of material, both the reading passage and the lecture discussed the ways to stop the decline of Torreya taxifoha. The reading claimed that there are some ways that experts considered as a possible solution to this declination. However, the professor repudiated what stated in the reading resting upon fallacious premises and provides three counterclaims proofing that none of the proposed ways will be satisfactory.

Firstly, the article posited that there is an option to reestablish the plant in the same location. The lecture contradicted this point by acknowledging that this suggestion is unlikely to be successful, as global warming has strongly effected most of the region, there is no cooler or dampest areas of microclimate suitable for Torreya's growth.

Secondly, the article argued that moving Torreya completely to another different location and try to plant its seeds and saplings there. Notwithstanding, the lecture highlighted that scientists had tried this solution for another plant and they were not successful at all. She pointed out that in the aforementioned experience although the plant spread so quickly, its wide growth leads to kill the native plants of the region.

Lastly, the reading passage contended that we could preserve Torreya's seeds in research centers and monitored them carefully. This seemed to be impractical as explained in the lecture. The speaker articulated that as the capacity of scientific centers are limited, the small population would not resist to probable diseases. Actually we need relatively large samples of the plant that are genetically diverse, in order to keep them safe from attacked diseases.

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moving Torreya completely to another different location and try to plant its seeds and saplings there.
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