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How your E-grader works?
What is the ideal essay? How many perfect essay are used to catch ideal essay?


How your E-grader works?
E-grader judges essays by attributes, like 'the performance on sentences' in one of your essays:

How many sentences: 22.0 20.6003584229 107% => OK
Sentence length: 16.0 20.1344086022 79% => OK
Sentence length SD: 37.4941317723 48.9658058833 77% => OK
Chars per sentence: 81.4545454545 100.406767564 81% => OK
Words per sentence: 16.0 20.6045352989 78% => OK
Discourse Markers: 2.09090909091 5.45110844103 38% => More transition words/phrases wanted.
Paragraphs: 4.0 4.53405017921 88% => OK
Language errors: 0.0 5.5376344086 0% => OK
Sentences with positive sentiment : 15.0 11.8709677419 126% => OK
Sentences with negative sentiment : 3.0 3.85842293907 78% => OK
Sentences with neutral sentiment: 4.0 4.88709677419 82% => OK

the values (the first number) should not be too big or too small compared to the average values (the second number). if not, e-grader will give warning messages, like:

More transition words/phrases wanted.

What is the ideal essay?
ideal essays need to be outstanding in some attributes, for example, they have more different words, sentences are developed smoothly, content is well organized, readability_index is over average etc.

How many perfect essay are used to catch ideal essay?

We don't understand this question exactly. Can you please explain this question more in details?

Thank you for response.
How many sentences: 22.0 20.6003584229 107% => OK
Why you think 20.60035 is better than 22? what is the reason? do you have a lot of different top essays(30 score) that they average is 20.60035? If yes, how many essays do you have to calculation of this normal and ideal point ?
Thanks for your great site. This is very helpful to us

The number 20.6003584229 is the average value from 20,000 essays. it means 20,000 users write the essay with about 20 sentences. We consider it as the 'ideal' number. If you don't have very big number like: 30 or very small number 10, then there is no problem. It doesn't mean 20.60035 will be better than 22.

The calculation of the final marks is based on the technology of machine learning, and it takes account on all attributes together. it is not depending on one attribute.

So you don't need to pay much attention on details, but look at those warning messages like: 'More transition words/phrases wanted.', so put more transition words on next essays.