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technology has made children less creative than they were in the past

Undoubtedly, technology is one of the most important aspects of our life. Technology is very useful and profitable for comfortable and modern life. Technology has numerous effects on children, which some of them are positive and some are negative for children. Personally, I rather agree with the statement.

First, technology has made children to be a consumer not a producer. Because of good status of socioeconomic of people, parents nowadays are able to provide a lot of things to their kids such as computer, cell phone, electrical cars and toys. Actually children have everything that they want to have. Especially in industrialized countries children always do not understand the meaning of need. In the past children touched this concept very well. They did not have expensive laptop or even cheap dull. In the past children made their own toys by themselves, which is rare today. My father told me, when he was a child in the village, children made toys by wood or clay, they worked together to make a car by clay. My father said that our car could move only few meters and then the car was broke down and we had to make the car again and again. One day we decided to improve our car and then we made a wooden car, which was better. In contrast today children have a lot of cars and they do not need to make their own toys by themselves, which can help to progress of creativity of children. Although having a luxury life is good, the creative idea born in the demanding conditions.

Second, Imitation is opposed with creativity and children with imitation lose their creativity. Technology is interesting and attracting for children and one of the most widely spread technology is the television. Television programs such as Cartoons and animations are highly attracting for children and children get massive influence from cartoon's heroes and celebrities, which was not in the past. Children like to imitate cartoon's characters speeches and acts. First decade of children’s life is vital period and in this time human character form, these imitations can lead children to be less creative. When I was a child we play football in the garden every day, there was a TV cartoon that name was The Soccer. That was about the children that played football and after a lot of practice and effort they enrolled into national football team of Japan and they win international cup. The cartoon was amazing and we loved to watch it. After watching we went to garden but we did not play football. Actually, we only imitate and repeat the scene of the cartoon but we never played football. After while we abandoned football and we started to learn Kong Fu because Panda was a Kong Fu master. Imitation is enemy of creativity because you only learn to copy other’s works and you do not focus on your own talent to be an innovator.

Nowadays, children are faced with negative influence of technology and one of the important is losing creativity. Technology teaches children that life is so comfort and everything is ready to use. It seems children like to use technology more than utilize of their own brain.