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Can anyone pls help me with toefl speaking section .. How to prepare for it as m not  a native english speaker and i find it difficult to speak on any given topic .. I hv my toefl exam in a month .. 

I cheked out your essay, you wrote TOEFL essays well. actually, TOEFL speaking is the same as TOEFL writing. befoer you write or speak something, you must have a 'pattern' or 'template' in your mind, then you are more confident to deal with them but not by luck.


So what is that 'pattern' or 'template' in TOEFL speaking? take the following speaking topic as an example:


You have just returned home after a long journey. Talk about the person you have missed the most and why you have missed them. Include details and examples to support your response.

If you consider this a TOEFL essay topic, you know what to write:

first para: introduction para. answer who is the person you missed most.

second para: reason 1, why this person

third para: reason 2, why this reason

forth para: reason 3, why this person

fifth para: conclusion part, because of reason 1,2,3, so it is this person i missed most.


If you understand this, do the same thing for TOEFL speaking:

first give your answer, then give 2 to 3 reasons why this answer, and with a conclusion.then you done!


Just remember, you need some practices to control your talk  in a limited time. don't talk so much like you write an essay. it means you don't need to develop too much for your topic.


There are other type of TOEFL speaking sections, basically no great difference with the example we talked about. Try to copy this 'pattern' or 'template' to others.

Hope this can help you! Good luck in TOEFL test!






Great advice!

I am just wondering: if I follow this template and I can't manage to give an example for reason 2, as I do not have enough time, will it be a problem? I mean, do you think that, in case I've already well developed my answer without a second example, will be my score penalized for that?

Thank you in advance.

I've just started to prepare for TOEFL ibt and I only have two months before attenting the test. I am little scared of the difficulty I may find in time managing although I am really motivated.

One sentence could be an example. Don't need to put a big and long example. Or you can remove examples and just generally talk.

Try this pattern for Q1-Q2:

first 1-2 sentences: introduction. my opinion: A or B. agree or disagree. about 5-10 seconds

First, reason 1 (1 sentence) + why reason 1 (some arguments. 1-2 sentence) + a small conclusion for reason 1(like advantages of reason 1 or comparisons if not reason 1, 1-2 sentence). // about 15 seconds

Second, reason 2 (1 sentence) + why reason 2 (some arguments. 1-2 sentence) + a small conclusion for reason 2(like advantages of reason 2 or comparisons if not reason 2, 1-2 sentence). // about 15 seconds

Conclusion: Don't need a conclusion. (you can have one only when you don't have something to talk about)

An example (Eating at home or restaurant) for First:
First,reason 1 (1 sentence: Eating at home can save money) + why reason 1(some arguments. 1-2 sentences: I can prepare cheaper food from food market; I don't need to drive or take a bus to reach the restaurant;) + small conclusions ( 1-2 sentences: with the money I saved, I can buy a good book to read; I can use the money for a trip...).

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