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Should we always think before we speak?

Essay topics: Should we always think before we speak?

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Some people argue that if people pay attention to other’s feeling before speaking, it is feasible that no one can say what he or she truly means. However, form my point of view, I reckon that it is significant for everyone to think before uttering. I will elaborate my reasons in the following.

First, public social ability is highly correlated to speaking skill. For example, most of the successful politicians in the world all have a rhetorical, logical and fluent speaking. Like Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the former president of the United States, gave chunks of inspiring speeches during the great depression that encouraged countless people in America to revive their confidence. Therefore, we can naturally observe that thinking before speaking is very important not just for politicians but also for all of us.

Next, interpersonal relationship is strongly relevant to speaking skill. For instance, our class leader is the most popular person in our class. The reason is not just because he has powerful ability of leadership but because he always knows how to speak properly and sweetly to everyone in our class. Hence, we can easily understand that thinking before speaking is imperative to maintain our strong interpersonal relationship.

It is not to say that speaking with intuition and following our own minds is without merit. Nonetheless, I consider that in the dynamic and high-interacting world, we need to get well along with people and thus logically and correctly utterance is necessary. From both examples above, it is clearly that everyone should think before speaking.

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to speaking skill.
to speaking skills.

thus logically and correctly utterance is necessary.
thus logical and correct utterance is necessary.

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