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Dear Admin
may I ask how many essay I can submit if I join to VIP users - IELTS essay task II

Also thanks a lot because of your incredibly helpful site

The e-grader is an AI (artificial intelligence) machine which has learned the history scores from 20,000 essays. It will give the score according to the attributes, like: the no of words, unique words, coherence...

The-grader has two weaknesses:

1. It can't figure out complicated grammar mistakes

2. It doesn't check the meaning of the words or ideas. So if the essay is out of topic, the essay may still get a high score.

There are great differences between two essays.

In the second essay, there are only 129 words over there, while minimum 150 words are wanted for IELTS task I. So you got only 5.0 out of 9.

No of words: 129.0 206.0 63% => More content wanted.


while in the first essay, there are 167 words. it is over 150 words, and it has a high Unique words percentage:

No of words: 167.0 206.0 81% => More content wanted.
Unique words percentage: 0.658682634731 0.622605031667 106% => OK

so you got a good score.