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  • Get essays checked and graded by advanced module of e-grader and human graders - for TOEFL independent & integrated essays.
  • Get speakings checked and graded by human graders.
  • Become VIP readers free.
  • Get unlimited access to TOEFL essays/speakings on the top list.

Note: The maximum: VIP users in one week* can submit up to 10 essays, 18 speeches in this program. There are no limit for other VIP members to submit.

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WOW! I was saving some money to register as VIP user for 6 months... I even asked the amount that I should pay for it two weeks ago. Now, I come to register... but I see the price! Now ... this price is not really affordable for me. I wish I had registered at least for 3-month pack two weeks ago... :( I lost 6-month user too. :'(
Thanks, anyway, for my last graded speakings during last month. I have to say goodbye to testbig! I would recommend it to my friends who can pay for it. This is a great website.
Best wishes Testbig!

I am living in Iran and we don't have access to international banks
Do you have any account inside Iran that we can pay VIP membership by that?

why you do not have one month option? Some students have to take test soon and they need one month access. Please consider this propose