please assess this ielts task 2. E-grader gave 5.0 bands.

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Q. Many parents believe that when their children read books for entertainment,they are wasting their time, and that they should read only serious, educational books. What is your opinion about this?

Some parents feel that their children should not waste time in reading entertaining books instead they should read books related to education. Reading educational books will only enhance their academic skills but entertaining books will help them to grow overall as a person. In my opinion, I disagree that reading entertaining books wastes time.

Generally, educational books consist of a pre-fixed curriculum which focuses on academics. The reason for that is to improve logical thinking of children’s. This often results in, children’s competing against each other in exams. In addition, parents can accompany them in their studies which will strengthen their bond. However, these books limit the thinking process of children’s and they cannot see beyond the text of book. Reading is a part of education, which should not be limited to educational books.

Conversely, reading entertaining books is not just a fun activity but it also teaches children’s how to think in imaginative way. They are designed in such a way that the reader feels joy in reading those books and this character leaves a good impression on a child’s brain. Moreover, because of these kinds of books children’s do not feel burdened. It also acts an extracurricular activity for them. These books not only enhance the imagination powers of children’s but also help them in improving their analytical skills. Therefore, reading these books should be encouraged by teachers.

Parents should not only think of their children’s academics but also their overall personality which will grow, not only by reading educational books but also by entertaining books. Ultimately, entertaining books should have to be introduced to children’s and it will not waste their time but improve their thinking skills.


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