Chinese National Day celebrated in style at VIT

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Namaste China, said the students of VIT University, Vellore, to celebrate the Chinese National Day last week in which over 200 students from India and China participated.

The celebrations started with the national anthem of China followed by the famous Drum Dance (Feng Yang Huagu) and Indian classical dance by some of the Chinese and Indian students of the university.

These student participants were enrolled in the Chinese language programme at the university and will be appearing for the Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK), an examination equivalent to TOEFL and GMAT etc.

While presiding over the function, VIT University Chancellor, G. Viswanathan said, “The ceremony is a mark of celebration of the Indo-China friendship. It is a prelude to promote and exchange the two different cultures of India and China.”

A press release from the university said that the Chancellor, in his address, pointed that China was a fast developing nation in the world’s economic scenario and celebrating its National Day would only bring the two countries together.

Ancient Chinese books made on bamboos, handicrafts and 18 different Buddhas were displayed for the public. This gave an opportunity for all to experience first-hand ancient Chinese’s acumen in art and culture.

There was a large spread of food items such as dumplings, bean pouch, samboba, spring-roll, long brew, fried mango, pineapple parotta, lemon-grass chicken, tomato with egg, sprout, fried cabbage and mixed vegetables for the public to taste.

Sun Peng, a Chinese citizen and faculty of the VIT University, said that several Indians on the Chinese language course could speak fluently in Chinese and many of the Chinese students here were also learning Tamil. “More than 250 students are appearing for the HSK examination and I hope that all of them get through in these exams,” said Peng.

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