It is better to have broad knowledge of many academic subjects to specialize in one specific subject.

The human being has been created with multidimensional characteristic. He is capable to obtain various information in different fields. All kinds of information are useful in his daily life. Nevertheless, I believe that if one person wants to broaden his vision around variant subjects, he should achieve it by self-study not in academic area. It is more sensible to specialize in one specific academic subject. I will render my reasons as follows.

Each student in university selects a major field based on his interest. Each major field is broken into several branches and each branch has some sun-branches. By considering to this amount of subjects in each major field, it is more reasonable to concentrate on a specific academic subject. There is an example to illustrate it. Railway engineering is known as a branch of civil engineering field, as a major field. In addition, railway engineering has three sub-branches: track and structures, rolling stock, and transportation engineering. I as a transportation engineer have focused on a particular subject, operational researching, during my Bachelor and Master degrees. There was no time to pay for other subjects.

In the second place, getting a suitable job is the real purpose of education. Being an expert in one field is better than having a little information about several fields. Industrial world needs your skill for one position and it wants to use your potential, efficiently. Therefore, collect and spend your energy to develop your knowledge in one specific field in order to provide a good resume.

Each day, by flourishing the modern technologies, researchers in each field need to be familiar with new softwares. Being aware of new equipments, softwares, and even theories, is very essential for being successful in competitions. So, learning about your special skill would not be stopped.

All in all, because of limitation in our time and energy, and because of a large spread of academic subjects, the advantages of specializing in one specific subject outweigh the advantages of learning many academic subjects.

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I believe that if one person wants to broaden his vision around variant subjects, he should achieve it by self-study not in academic area.

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