TPO 13 - Question 3

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TPO 13 - Question 3

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The schools is planning to spend two million dollars to build a new stadium on campus to attract top students and strengthen relationship with the local community. In the conversation, the woman strongly disagrees with the school’s plan. The first reason she gives is that the school should make better use of that money. Such as buying more books for the library, upgrading equipments in the labs and renovating the student center. She thinks in doing so, the school can attract more top students. Second, she states that the locals hardly come to see the game, because their team always lose, not that there aren’t enough seats in the stadium. Building a new stadium won’t change the fact that no one likes to come and see the games.

1. So what do you think of the university's new plan?
2. Oh, I don't know, I don't think it's gonna work.
3. No?
4. I mean I can't imagine top students being too thrilled about some of the conditions on this campus.
5. What do you mean?
6. Like the science laboratories having such old, outdated equipment, and the library needing more books and the student center being so small.
7. I think that two million could be spent in better places if the university is really serious about achieving its goal.
8. Ok, but what about the other reason for building the stadium?
9. I mean right now we have so little contact with the town.
10. Yeah, but this won't help relations.
11. Look, people from town hardly ever come to games because our teams always lose and they are not suddenly going to improve overnight.
12. Besides, adding seat won't make a different.
13. I mean if people from town didn't come before.
14. They won't come now just because the place is bigger.