Four paragagraphs or five paragraphs

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Four paragagraphs or five paragraphs

a question

you highlight that we must write our writing in 5 paragraph, right? I agree with this rule, however Magoosh in its structure expresses that 2 reason is enough ( I mean 4 paragraph). Will lose our grade If we write a writing with 4 paragraph or not?

Not really to lose grades

Not really to lose grades with four paragraphs. Users still can get higher marks with four paragraphs.

But for most users, if they are asked to develop only four paragraphs, most likely they are going to put a big example in the second paragraph and another big example in the third paragraph. and these big examples are most likely the personal experience by themselves, which is likely to get a lower mark.

so why five paragraphs?

1. Users will have to put more content. in writing exams, more content means high marks.

2. Uses will have to put one more idea. So they are not going to panic in actual exams if they only have two ideas in exam time.

3. With one more idea, users will have to use more different words. This is another big advantage to reach higher marks.

4. It also is going to put short examples but more general. and this is a good one for arguments.

5. Users are going to change the wring styles with more sentence varieties with five paragraphs since it is boring to write the same structure for three paragraphs in the essay body.

6. ......

There are more advantages, to get higher marks and for future academic careers, we highly recommend five paragraphs.