You are hereUsing a computer everyday can have more negative than positive effects on young children. Do you agree or disagree? give reasons and relevant examples.

Using a computer everyday can have more negative than positive effects on young children. Do you agree or disagree? give reasons and relevant examples.

By vkrmsalaria - Posted on 11 September 2011

Nowadays, Due to advancement in field of computer technology, strong impact has been seen on all age groups. But, children of young age have been seen more influenced. It is argued that use of computers everyday has more negative effects on kids. This essay will explain the adverse effects of use of computers everyday results in poor physical health and decreased social interaction among kids.

Firstly and most commonly, it has been seen that children using computer everyday may lack physical exercise and have critical health issues. For instance, if a child spending 3-4 hours on computer definitely lack physical activities and exercise. Hence, may result in obesity and poor limbs. At the same other side effect of sitting in front of computer screen may result in poor eye sight. Consequently, the use of computers make young kids disease prone.

Furthermore, with use of computer, one can have access to unclassified information content. For example, if a particular child has access to internet, with use of computer, child can easily find intentionally or by mistake the sexually explicit material or profound content like terrorist activities and crime. Result of which can be poor mental and psychological health.

Finally, children using computers everyday may found lacking social interaction among friends. For example, if a child is not playing with friend rather spending time on computer is not interacting with friends. Such a child may lag behind as children learn from each other. Hence, may be unable to perform well in school and social activities.

However, constructive use of computer everyday by children may make them better performers. For instance, one can have access to online educational resources and online book stores from websites like “”. This will help them learning better and doing their school assignments.

In conclusion, I tend to believe that everyday use of computer has more adverse effects on children, resulting in poor mental and physical health. However, if we tell kids about the proper use of computer and control the information they are accessing would result positively.

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You wrote a good essay. It will be more perfect if you can put the fifth paragraph to the first paragraph, and just support the agreements.

thanks for your comments, I'll try to improve this. how much this essay will get on 0-9 scale.

It can get around 7.0-7.5 out of 9.0.

I've chosen wrong phrase,,,"It is argued" I think. I've supported but due to wrong component whole sense changed.