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IELTS speaking

  • Describe something special you want to buy in the future. sticky icon

    You should say:

    What it is?
    What it is like?
    When you intend to buy it?
    And explain why you want to buy it.

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  • Describe a journey which you enjoyed.Where you wentHow you travelledWhy you went on the journeyExplain why you remember this journey well sticky icon

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  • Describe a children’s game (sports not suggested)How is it played?What can you learn from the game?What impact does it bring on your growth? sticky icon

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  • Describe your favourite movieWhat’s the name of the film?What’s the theme of the film?Why do you like it? sticky icon

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  • Describe your favorite photographWhere was the photo taken?Who took the photo?What can be seen from the photo?Explain why it is the favorite photograph for you. sticky icon

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  • Describe a museumHow often do you visit the museum?Which type of museum is popular in your country?Why do you want to visit the museum? sticky icon

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  • Cue card on favourite song. sticky icon

    Favourite song

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  • IELTS speaking sample - part 3 sticky icon

    Part 3

    13. How important do you think it is for young people to visit different places before they go to university or college?

    14. What sorts of challenges do you think you’d have going on a gap year as a student?

    15. Do you think it is useful to work for other reasons as well, besides money?

    16. What sort of jobs do you think would be the best sort of jobs to do?

    17. What sort of preparation should a student make before they go on a gap year do you think?

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