TPO 20 - Question 3Energy costs reach sky-high levelsHeating prices, and the university’s heating bills, reached record-high level this year. In an effort to reduce heating costs, the university decides to lower the temperature in classroom buildings on

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TPO 20 - Question 3

Energy costs reach sky-high levels

Heating prices, and the university’s heating bills, reached record-high level this year. In an effort to reduce heating costs, the university decides to lower the temperature in classroom buildings on weekends and on workdays after five P.M., when the day’s classes have officially ended. Because class will not be in session at these times, the reduced heat will not have negative impact on students and their studies. The university considers it essential that the cost-saving measures not interfere with student activities.

1. What's on earth is the university thinking?
2. Eh, what do you mean?
3. Well, those building aren't just used for classes.
4. That's where my evening study group usually meets.
5. Oh, of course that's true, but you could go to the library instead.
6. Yeah, but the library only has a few rooms that people can use for group meetings, which is why classrooms have been so convenient.
7. But now if it's winter and cold, where can we go?
8. Right, in the middle of winter, forget it or even if it's just kind of cold out.
9. It'd be pretty unpleasant.
10. But still they obviously have to do something about the situation.
11. Oh, I agree.
12. They have to do something but they should find a solution that isn't so disruptive to academic nevertheless.
13. Such as?
14. Well, for one if they replaced all those old windows, they are so drafty, they let the cold in and if they insulated the buildings better, these are really old building.
15. Charing but.
16. But not at all enegy-efficent.
17. Yeah, you are probably right.
18. There are some really basic improvements they could make that'd make a huge difference in the long term that could solve the problem and still leave us somewhere to study.

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