Results-proven Literacy Software Study Shows Statistically Significant Gains in English Language Learners & Struggling Readers; 36-65% Gain in Reading & Literacy

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Salt Lake City, UT (PRWEB) January 07, 2014

Students Using Imagine Learning Show Greater Gains in Reading Skills

Innovative literacy software shown to be effective for English language learners and struggling readers.

SEG Measurement, an independent research firm, announced the completion of the first phase of a study of nearly 1,000 English language learners in grades 2-5 in a large California school district. Study results demonstrate that students in programs using Imagine Learning's curriculum show greater improvement in reading than students not exposed to Imagine Learning software.

The study compared growth in reading skills of students who used Imagine Learning to comparable students who did not use Imagine Learning. Students used the Imagine Learning software for approximately six months between December 2012 and June 2013. Students in second grade using Imagine Learning showed 36% greater gains in reading than students who did not use the program. Imagine Learning students in grades 3-5 showed 65% greater gains in reading than non-users.

"Students using Imagine Learning showed statistically significant gains in reading skills and outperformed students who did not use Imagine Learning," said Scott Elliot, president of SEG Measurement. "These findings are particularly important, given that students only used Imagine learning for half of the school year. More extended use of Imagine Learning may yield even greater gains for the students."

Imagine Learning is an interactive language and literacy software program that accelerates English learning. Focused on the five essential components of reading—phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension—Imagine Learning software provides oral language and academic vocabulary instruction for hundreds of thousands of students across the nation.

“We’re pleased that the results of this study confirm what we already knew,” said Marc Liebman, Chief Academic Officer for Imagine Learning. “The data shows that Imagine Learning meets the direct needs of English language learners and teachers for fostering reading skills.”

The study also gathered feedback from instructors. Teachers of students using Imagine Learning indicated that they felt the software increased student motivation to learn, engaged students while working independently, and provided differentiated instruction. The instructors found Imagine Learning to be particularly helpful in improving students’ skills in word recognition, reading fluency, and vocabulary.

About Imagine Learning

Imagine Learning delivers award-winning language and literacy solutions to English language learners, struggling readers, students with disabilities and early childhood education students throughout the U.S. and around the world. Imagine Learning is an educational software program that uses engaging, one-on-one instruction to meet students’ individual learning needs. The program also provides real-time reports that give teachers comprehensive data on student progress. Visit us online at to learn how we can help your students make powerful progress.

About SEG Measurement

SEG Measurement is a leading provider of efficacy research and assessment development services. We believe that every student has the right to an evidence-based education. SEG has been providing assessment and research services for 35 years and is located in New Hope, Pennsylvania. Visit us online at http://www.

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