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Q5 (80) divjais186 TOEFL speaking
TPO 10 - Question 4Entertainment MerchandisingAn effective, widely used marketing practice in the entertainment industry is entertainment merchandising. Entertainment merchandising is a form of marketing in which the brand or image from one product is als (83) chandr Q4
TPO 02 - Question 1Choose a place you go to often that is important to you and explain why it is important. Please include specific details in your explanation. (80) Toefl2016 Q1
TPO 19 - Question 4 Social Learning One way people learn is by watching the behavior of others. Sometimes called social learning, this type of learning involves the process of learning to copy—or not copy—the action of another. By observing the resul (50) dadfarfardad361 Q4
TPO 25 - Question 2 Some people do not enjoy shopping and shop only when they have a specific purchase to make. Others like to go shopping for pleasure whether or not they have something to buy. Which do you prefer and why? (50) -vv- Q2
TPO 01 - Question 5 (55) farheen19 Q5
Some people like to watch news on television. Other people prefer to read the news in a newspaper. Still others use their computers to get the news. How do you prefer to be informed about the news and why? Use specific reasons and examples to support your (80) hossein021 TOEFL speaking
TPO 06 - Question 4 Explicit Memories and Implicit Memories In everyday life, when people speak of memory, they are almost always speaking about what psychologists would call explicit memories. An explicit memory is a conscious or intentional recollection (73) mgrajapt Q4
Which is your favorite type of movie: action, drama, or others? Pleaseinclude specific details and examples in your explanation. (93.3333) nargess1981 TOEFL speaking sticky icon
Should cities and states ban certain sorts of fats used for cooking in restaurants in an effort to improve people’s health? Explain your answer. (60) edsonsimoes TOEFL speaking