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q6. Using examples and points from the talk explain how learning art can impact a child's development. (80) ioanap TOEFL speaking
Q5.7 The man has a job interview and he forgot his suit at his parent's home.The two people talk about the man's problem. Describe the problem and state which of the two solutions you prefer and why. (80) ioanap TOEFL speaking
264. Some parents believe that technology is very important to their child’s education. Conversely, other parents believe that textbooks and the instructor is all that is needed for their child. Which parents do you agree with and why? (90) magicsk TOEFL speaking
TPO 10 - Question 5 (70) mgrajapt Q5
useful study aid (90) Pinky123 TOEFL speaking
Q1 If you had an entire month to do whatever you would like to do, what would it be? Include details and examples to support your answer. (85) ioanap TOEFL speaking
2. Would you prefer to do an important college assignment as part of a team with otherstudents, or individually on your own? (70) Ekhlass1980 TOEFL speaking
The woman in the talk is trying to persuade the man to do something. What is it, which solution do you prefer and why? Q5 (85) Lauren TOEFL speaking
TOEFL Integrated speaking, question 6 - Using points and examples from the lecture, explain the two pricing strategies described by the professor. - Preparation Time: 20 SecondsResponse Time: 60 Seconds (70) azita.f.t TOEFL speaking sticky icon
A gift (such as a camera, a soccer ball, or an animal) can contribute to a child’s development. What gift would you give to help a child develop? Why? Use reasons and specific examples to support your choice (80) nishith TOEFL speaking
TOEFL Speaking Question Type: INTEGRATED LISTENING/SPEAKING: QUESTIONS 6 : and the sample answer.Ref NO:2009022206 (100) TOEFL_speaking TOEFL speaking sticky icon
Integrated speaking-3-8)Attention! Bookstore Moving! The university bookstore will be moving to its new location across campus for this Fall semester. The new location of the bookstore will be next to the Delaney Building on Wang street. Construction of (70) magicsk TOEFL speaking
do agree or disagree? learning through online courses is more effective than learning in the traditional classroom setting (80) Ekhlass1980 TOEFL speaking
TPO 20 - Question 1 Choose a quality you think makes someone a valuable member of a team. Explain why you think it is an important quality for a team or group member to have. (66) Av9ash Q1
q1 Where Is Your Favorite Place To Study? Describe This Place And Say Why It Is A Good Place For You To Study. (80) ioanap TOEFL speaking
253 (70) elhamtgh66 TOEFL speaking
Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? We should teach young children the skill of typing rather than handwriting. Please state your opinions and explanation. (70) Feng CHEN Q2
more and more people prefer buy items from the internet and online shopping. Others prefer shop from store.Which u prefer? (10) kran TOEFL speaking
Starting next semester, students must attend the mandatory Student Volunteer Program in order to graduate. Students must commit to one 3-hour shift per month for the entire duration of the volunteer program session. Only three substituted absences during (80) nishith TOEFL speaking
q3 The university introduce a new policy on off-campus visitors. The man gives his opinion on the announcement. State his opinion and provide the reasons he gives for holding it. (80) ioanap TOEFL speaking
An escarpment is an area of the Earth where elevation changes suddenly. Escarpment usually refers to the bottom of a cliff or a steep slope. (Scarp refers to the cliff itself.). Escarpments separate two level land surfaces. For example, an escarpment coul (80) nishith TOEFL speaking
Talk about a specific time when you did something obsessively. For example, did you “go to extremes” playing video games, worrying about an exam, or practicing a sport or music? What did you do? What were the good and bad results? Explain. (90) nargess1981 TOEFL speaking sticky icon
q3. Turn off the hitting system. The women expresses her opinion of the announcement. State the opinion and the reasons she gives for having that opinion. (73.33329999999999) ioanap TOEFL speaking
q4-evolution in action (90) saramhl TOEFL speaking
q2: children sholud receive money for doing household tasks. (80) tnan3158 TOEFL speaking
The female student expresses her opinion about why she disagrees with the university’s new policy. State her opinion and explain the reasons she gives for holding that opinion. (90) appy TOEFL speaking
A gift such as (a camera, a soccer ball, or animal) can contribute to a child's development. What gift would you give to help a child develop? why? (80) xnana Q1
what do you prefer going for live performance or watching it on TV? (80) nishith TOEFL speaking
q5 Describe the women's problem and the two solutions. State which solution do you prefer and why. (55) ioanap TOEFL speaking
task 3 Starting Monday, October 5, the school is implementing a 30-minute mandatory computer course. All students, except students in the computer programs, are required to take this course if they want to graduate. On Monday September 29, there is a mand (80) nishith TOEFL speaking
TPO 18 - Question 6 (100) minamina Q6
q1 Where Is A Good Place To Have Fun In Your City Or Town? Describe This Place And Explain Why It Is Fun. (80) ioanap TOEFL speaking
TPO2 Task2 (80) younes.tatari TOEFL speaking
Q5.18 The student wants to go to Montreal to learn French but he doesn't have money to get visa.The two people talk about the man's problem. Describe the problem and state which of the two solutions you prefer and why. (80) ioanap TOEFL speaking
Which of the following jobs or careers do you think would be most rewarding? University professor Environmental scientist Newspaper journalist Choose one career and explain why you think it would be most rewarding. Use details and examples to support your (70) silviadan TOEFL speaking
Some people like to work or study in new places. What are the advantages of working or studying in new places? (80) tnan3158 TOEFL speaking
TPO 18 - Question 4 Relict Behavior In general, animals act in ways that help them to survive within their specific habitats. However, sometimes an animal species may display a behavior that no longer serves a clear purpose. The original purpose for the b paras001 Q4
Our thinking and behavior are often influenced by other people. When we admire and respect someone, we naturally try to imitate their behavior and attitudes. Groups of people whom we admire and whose behavior and attitudes we tend to imitate are known as (70) nishith TOEFL speaking
Your university is planning to allow students to watch TV in their dormitories. What is your opinion and why? What are the advantages and disadvantages of watching TV in dormitories? Include reasons and examples to support your response. (80) ioanap TOEFL speaking
q4 The professor discussed the characteristics of two kinds of heart valves. Explain how their characteristics are related to their suitability for younger and older transplant patients. (85) ioanap TOEFL speaking
TPO 33 - Question 1 A friend of yours wants to go to university next year but cannot decide on a major field of study. What advice would you give your friend to help make this decision? (80) mgrajapt Q1
Do you prefer paper book or electronic book? (85) nishith TOEFL speaking
TPO 22 - task 4 TOEFL_Taker_2016 TOEFL speaking
Talk about the most important characteristics of a good apartment or house? (80) Lanazamel Q1
Describe a class you have taken and explain why that class was important to you. Include details and examples to support your explanation. (100) Vanan TOEFL speaking sticky icon
integrated speaking (75) nargess1981 TOEFL speaking
139. Some people think that books and other methods of print are slowly being replaced by the Internet, TV, and other media. Others think that there will always be a need for printed material. What do you think and why? Give examples and details in your (66.66670000000001) magicsk TOEFL speaking
TOEFL Integrated speaking, question 3 - The woman expresses her opinion about the proposal that her friend Tim made in his letter to the newspaper. State her opinion about his proposal and explain the reasons she gives for her opinion.- Preparation Time: (75) fardin TOEFL speaking
TPO 07 - Question 3 Sculpture Courses to Be Discontinued University administrators announced yesterday that the sculpture program, a division of the art department, will be eliminated. "The main reason is a lack of student interest," reported one adminis (80) mgrajapt Q3