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TPO 46 - Question 5 (46.5) dadfarfardad361 Q5
Talk about an enjoyable or memorable experience that you had when you were alone. Explain what made this event so memorable. (35) piyo TOEFL speaking
tpo11-q5 (83) mehrdad94 Q5
which place has fond memories for you? describe this place and explain why it is memorable to you. (78) nishith TOEFL speaking
q2. Some people drive their own car to work or school. Others use public transportation. Which one is better and why? (90) bigzee TOEFL speaking
TPO 42 - Question 2 Some people prefer living in a big city. Other people prefer living in the countryside, away from urban areas. Which do you think is better? Explain why using specific details in your explanation. (83) mgrajapt Q2
TPO 29 - Question 1 Which of the following jobs or careers do you think would be most rewarding?University professorEnvironmental scientistNewspaper journalistChoose one career and explain why you think it would be most rewarding. Use details and examples (80) mehrnazsadr Q1
tpo 7 (80) nagy Q3
TPO 09 - Question 3Required Work ExperienceThe business studies department at State University will now require all students enrolled in its program to complete one semester of work experience in a local corporation or small business. It is felt that stud (90) chandr Q3
TPO 20 - Question 1 Choose a quality you think makes someone a valuable member of a team. Explain why you think it is an important quality for a team or group member to have. (90) archimo Q1