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Word framing is a person's way of describing a situation.The professor takes two examples to illustrate "word framing". Explain how the examples are related to the reading passage. (80) ioanap TOEFL speaking
TPO 42 - Question 3 The administration has announced that starting next fall, the university will stop offering evening classes in many departments. According to a university administrator, the decision was prompted by a steady decline in enrollments in e (70) mgrajapt Q3
Would you prefer to go on a long trip by car or by train? (70) anubhav1989 TOEFL speaking
TPO 24 - Question 6 (100) minaaminaa33 Q6
Your friend needs to purchase a car but isn’t sure whether to purchase new or (70) germennn Q1
If you were asked to choose one movie that has influnced your thinkking, which one would you choose? why? What was especially impressive about the movie? Use specific reasons and details to explain your choice. (50) edsonsimoes Q1
TPO 48 - Question 1 (78) wls1993 Q1
TPO 03 - Question 3 (70) minaaminaa33 Q3
TPO 31 - Question 3 Students Need Access to Movie Collection The university library has a large collection of films on video and DVD that students can borrow. However, students aren't allowed to go into the area where these items are kept. Instead, studen (80) paras001 Q3
TPO 24 - Question 4 Flagship Species Environmental organizations work to protect plants and animals whose natural habitats are threatened by human activity. One way they do this is by selecting a particular species to represent the threatened habitat to (83) dadfarfardad361 Q4