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Q2. Do you agree or disagree with the statement: Having a lot of money is very important. Give reasons and examples to support your opinion. (85) ioanap TOEFL speaking
TOEFL Speaking Question Type: INTEGRATED LISTENING/SPEAKING: QUESTIONS 5 : and the sample answer.Ref NO:2009092605 (75.5556) TOEFL_speaking TOEFL speaking sticky icon
it is more important to study math and science than it is to study art or literature. agree or disadree. reasons (83.33329999999999) france79 TOEFL speaking
TOEFL Integrated speaking, question 5 - Briefly summarize the woman’s problem. Then state which solution you would recommend and explain the reasons for your recommendation. - Preparation Time: 20 SecondsResponse Time: 60 Seconds (100) biohellen TOEFL speaking sticky icon
Evolution in Action When an environment undergoes a dramatic change and no longer provides the conditions necessary for a species to survive, this species must change or face extinction. It has long been held that this change, referred to as evolution, ne (80) Ekhlass1980 TOEFL speaking
What do you think are the characteristics of a good parent??? (80) ioanap TOEFL speaking
q2. Some people watch the news on TV. Other prefer to read the news in a newspaper. Still others use their computers to get the news. How do you prefer to be informed and why. Use reasons and examples. (86.66670000000001) ioanap TOEFL speaking
TPO 04 - Question 2 Many universities now offer academic courses over the Internet. However, some people still prefer learning in traditional classrooms. Which do you think is better? Explain why. GopiPatel Q2
q6 (80) tnan3158 TOEFL speaking
TOEFL Integrated speaking, question 4 - Using the examples from the peanut bug and the morpho butterfly, explain the concept of revealing coloration. - Preparation Time: 30 Seconds Response Time: 60 Seconds (80) nishith TOEFL speaking
TPO 01 - Question 6 (45) minamina Q6
q1 If you could have any job in the world, which job would you choose? (80) ioanap TOEFL speaking
Talk about an interesting tourist attraction you have been to. Describe it and say why it was interesting. (73.33329999999999) Vanan TOEFL speaking
30.1.Describe a tool or object that you rely on often in your daily life. Explain why it is important to you. Include reasons and examples to support your response. (80) monamh TOEFL speaking
What possible solutions dos the woman offer to the man's problem? (80) nishith TOEFL speaking
Question 4 (83.33329999999999) kinjalpatel TOEFL speaking
TPO 29 - Question 4 Scatter Hoarding Many animals live in environments where food is plentiful during certain times of the year and scarce during other times of the year. In such environments, some animals collect and prepare food when it is plentiful, t mgrajapt Q4
Describe the problem and mention the solution (60) deepali1234 TOEFL speaking
Integrated speaking-3-8)Attention! Bookstore Moving! The university bookstore will be moving to its new location across campus for this Fall semester. The new location of the bookstore will be next to the Delaney Building on Wang street. Construction of nahid89 Q3
TOEFL Speaking Question Type: INDEPENDENT QUESTIONS : QUESTIONS 2 and the sample answer.Ref NO:2009122002 (85) poons TOEFL speaking
135. When faced with an emergency, some people take on the role of leader and others prefer to take on the role of followers. Which role do you prefer? Give details and examples to support your response (90) magicsk TOEFL speaking sticky icon
which place has fond memories for you? describe this place and explain why it is memorable to you. (80) sucharita787 TOEFL speaking
TPO 43 - Question 3 University Makes Changes to Orientation ProgramMadison University is making a change to the orientation program for first-year students. In the past, as part of orientation, new, incoming students could go on a two-day hiking and campi (100) minamina Q3
Q5,TPO21 (80) divjais186 TOEFL speaking
TPO 27 - Question 4 Swarm Intelligence Some insect species live in large groups, or “swarms.” Such swarms typically include several thousand individual insects. Living in swarms allows these insects to accomplish complex tasks together through complex (78) Taniazehra Q4
Q6 (80) Ekhlass1980 TOEFL speaking
TPO 30 - Question 2 Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Parents should be involved in the process of helping their children to choose a career. Use specific examples and details to support your opinion. (83) toeflibt.ara Q2
q3 . Dormitory problems. The women expresses her opinion of the announcement. State the opinion and the reasons she gives for having that opinion. (80) ioanap TOEFL speaking
Implicit memory (80) france79 TOEFL speaking
Q5/18 (80) poons TOEFL speaking
TPO 32 - Question 4 Choice-Supportive Bias People often make decisions by considering the advantages and disadvantages of each option. However, after a person selects an option, there is a tendency for that person to exhibit the choice- supportive bias. A (83) toeflibt.ara Q4
research project online (80) france79 TOEFL speaking
Q4 Sustainability. The professor describes the financial situation of two brothers. Explain how the information about 2 brothers is related to the concept of sustainability. (80) ioanap TOEFL speaking
TOEFL Speaking Question Type: INTEGRATED LISTENING/SPEAKING: QUESTIONS 5 : and the sample answer.Ref NO:2009110805 (80) poons TOEFL speaking
The students are discussing two possible places to meet to finalize their presentation plans. Describe their problem. Then state which of the two solutions you prefer and explain why. (82.5) Vanan TOEFL speaking
tpo 3 task 5 (70) nishith TOEFL speaking
Q1 If you had an entire month to do whatever you would like to do, what would it be? Include details and examples to support your answer. (85) ioanap TOEFL speaking
using points and examples from the talk, explain the two types of motivation. (65) france79 TOEFL speaking
q3. The library will introduce a new online system. The women expresses her opinion. State the opinion and the reasons she gives for having that opinion. (80) ioanap TOEFL speaking
tpo4 task1what do you miss most about your home when you are away? (66.66670000000001) Amin111 TOEFL speaking
tpo 7 question 3 (80) hudashti1 TOEFL speaking
tpo14#3 (90) eva TOEFL speaking
TPO 02 - Question 6 (73.33329999999999) minamina Q6
TPO 02 - Question 6 (73.33329999999999) minamina Q6
question 6 (90) Pinky123 TOEFL speaking
TPO5 Task5 (80) younes.tatari TOEFL speaking
Talk about a particular goal you have had in yor life and what you have done to meat this goal. Use details and examples in your response (96.66670000000001) Lauren TOEFL speaking sticky icon
3_1-What time of a year do you like the most? Explain why you like this time of a year. (70) omidhldn Q1
Your school has received a gift of money. What do you think is the best way for your school to spend this money? Use specific details to support your choice. (70) xnana Q1
Describe a person you enjoy talking to. Explain why you like talking to this person. (90) jimaniaq TOEFL speaking