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task 3 Starting Monday, October 5, the school is implementing a 30-minute mandatory computer course. All students, except students in the computer programs, are required to take this course if they want to graduate. On Monday September 29, there is a mand (80) nishith TOEFL speaking
TPO 17 - Question 1 Talk about a special opportunity that was given to you. Explain why the opportunity was important. (80) mgrajapt Q1
TPO 13 - Question 6 (70) civil2017 Q6
What is your most important possession? Describe it and say why it is so important. (67.2727) Vanan TOEFL speaking sticky icon
TPO 31 - Question 5 (76) mgrajapt Q5
TPO 33 - Question 3 Bicycle Borrowing Program It’s great that the university has a program where students can borrow bicycles from the gym. However, two changes would make the program more convenient. First, the borrowing period should be shortened to f (80) mgrajapt Q3
TPO 48 - Question 4 Optimal Foraging Food provides animals with the energy they need to survive. However, animals also lose energy in the process of obtaining, or foraging, for food. Therefore, in order to conserve energy, many animals behave in ways that (80) mgrajapt Q4
Using the main points and examples from the lecture, describe the kind of information that ultrasound can provide and then explain the way that ultrasound is used in medical diagnosis. (75) mahsa.parsapour TOEFL speaking
TPO 11 - Question 3 Housing Renovations Planned Over the last ten years, the number of Central College students living on campus in dormitories has decreased by twenty percent. In an effort to counteract the trend, the college has announced a plan to reno (65) toeflibt.ara Q3
Describe a book that you believe is the most useful to you. Please explain the reason and include specific examples and details in your explanation. (86.66670000000001) poons TOEFL speaking
TPO 12 - Question 5 (66) aceit Q5
TPO 17- Task 3 (85) ebiv87 Q3
Should people donate money and volunteer time to help others? Why or why not? (75) sonia123 TOEFL speaking
TPO 28 - Question 1 Students have to complete various types of academic assignments in school.Choose one of the assignments below and explain why you think it is beneficial for students.1.Research paper2.Class presentation3.Group project (100) minamina Q1
Talk about a book you have read that was important to you for some reason. Explain why the book was important to you. Give specific details and examples to explain your answer. (63) wls1993 Q1
TPO 29 - Question 2 Some people like to study in public places where there are other people around. Others prefer to study in places where there are few or no people around. Which kind of place do you prefer ? Explain why. (100) minamina Q2
TPO 29 - Question 1 Which of the following jobs or careers do you think would be most rewarding?University professorEnvironmental scientistNewspaper journalistChoose one career and explain why you think it would be most rewarding. Use details and examples (70) minamina Q1
TPO 45 - Question 1 Which of the following qualities do you think is most important for a university student to be successful?●Highly motivated●Hard working●IntelligentChoose one of these qualities and explain why it is important. (66) archimo Q1
Briefly summarize the problem the speakers are discussing. Then state which of the two solutions from the conversation you would recommend. Explain the reasons for your recommendation. (60) Elena Cristina Q5
TPO 16 - Question 2 Some people who unexpectedly receive a large amount of money spend it on practical things, while others spend it for pleasure only. Which do you think is better and why? (80) archimo Q2
TPO 01 - Question 3 Letter in the Centerville College News The administration has plans to acquire a new sculpture for campus. We should all oppose this plan. The university’s poor financial condition led it to increase the price for campus housing an (53) donya goodarz Q3
What are the qualities that you look for in a best friend? Describe a friend, and explain what influenced you to choose this person as a best friend. Be sure to include details and examples in your answer. (70) ashbi TOEFL speaking
explicit memory and implicit memory task 4 (90) patel dolly TOEFL speaking
Q4 (80) france79 TOEFL speaking
TPO 10 - Question 5 (75) donya goodarz Q5
TPO 34, Q4 donya goodarz Q4
TPO 48 - Question 6 (60) Mennatallah Q6
TPO 23 - Question 6 (70) mgrajapt Q6
It is better for children to grow up in the countryside than in a big city. Do you agree or disagree? Use specific reasons and examples to develop your essay. donya goodarz Q2
TPO 47 - Question 6 (70) Mennatallah Q6
TPO 23 - Question 3 No More International News For the past few years, the daily campus newspaper has included a one-page international news section covering a few of the major stories in world news. Starting next month, the section will be eliminated. On (90) Tulips Q3
explain the lecture? ap TOEFL speaking
TPO 23 - Question 5 (80) mgrajapt Q5
Describe a person from your country’s history. Why do you think this person was important? (85) Pinky123 TOEFL speaking
TOEFL Integrated speaking, question 5 - The speakers discuss two possible solutions to the woman’s problem. Briefly summarize the problem. Then sate which solution you recommend and explain why. - Preparation Time: 20 SecondsResponse Time: (60) poons TOEFL speaking
TPO 42 - Question 4 Habituation is a form of learning that is quite common among animals. When an animal experiences a situation for the first time, particularly one it considers threatening, it may instinctively respond by running away or by warning othe donya goodarz Q4
Using points and examples from the talk, explain how learning art can impact a child’sdevelopment. (95) smartaquarius10 TOEFL speaking
Necessity Goods and Veblen GoodsWhen the price of a good increases, consumers typically buy less of it. Yet two types of goods donot follow this pattern. Necessity goods are products that people always buy, even when prices rise.Consumers purchase necessi (60) nasimn Q4
TPO 14 - Question 4 Comfort Zone Bias Psychologists have found that when people make important decisions, they often choose to stay in their "comfort zones"; that is, they prefer remaining in comfortable, familiar situations, rather than entering into new (70) mgrajapt Q4
TPO 10 - Question 2 Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Use details and examples to explain your answer. All children should be required to learn a second language in school. (66) donya goodarz Q2
talk about a book you have read that was important to you for some reasons. (50) atlanta123 Q1
TPO 03 - Question 5 (90) carolinaviik Q5
TPO9.5 (70) sunsun TOEFL speaking
TPO 30 - Question 4 Emotional Intelligence We often think of human intelligence as the mental ability to analyze and understand complex ideas. However, many psychologists believe that there is a different type of intelligence called emotional intelligence (100) minamina Q4
1. A lot of plants and animals live near the surface of the ocean and that means there's a lot of food near the surface, because there are lots of plants and animals to eat.2. But if you go down to the deepest parts of the ocean, it's cold and dark.3. And (90) KyraD Q6
What is your happiest childhood memory? Describe it and give reasons to explain why it is your happiest memory. (92.8571) Mayal TOEFL speaking sticky icon
Q 1 Do you agree or disagree that the media has more influence on individual than relatives and friends? (80) bshagan68 TOEFL speaking
TPO 04 - Question 2 Many universities now offer academic courses over the Internet. However, some people still prefer learning in traditional classrooms. Which do you think is better? Explain why. (90) Tulips Q2
Describe an tool or object that you rely on often in you daily life. Explain why it is important to you. Include reasons and examples to support your response. (80) tnan3158 TOEFL speaking
a/d people should ALWAYS tell truth (90) silviadan TOEFL speaking