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TPO 16 - Question 3 Student Health Services Need Improvement The situation at the health center is unacceptable: you sit in a crowded waiting room for hours waiting to get treatment for minor ailments. Then when it's your turn, you get about three minutes (80) Tulips Q3
the best time in the year. (80) france79 TOEFL speaking
A friend of yours is going to have an important job interview and has asked for your advice. What do you think your friend should do in order to have a successful job interview? Explain why. (90) orenda Q1
Some college students choose to take courses in a variety of subject areas in order to get a broad education. Others choose to focus on a single subject area in order to have a deeper understanding of that area. Which approach to course selection do you t (66) Turkmen Q6
tpo16 (70) Laura123 Q6
Talk about a famous person that you admire. Explain why you respect this person.I admire many famous persons but one particular individual stands out from the rest for me and that is Shaquielle O'Neil. I have two reasons why I admire him the most. Fi (66) frozenstein Q1
TPO 05 - Question 1 Talk about a place you enjoyed going to or visiting when you were a child. Describe the place. Explain why you enjoyed it. (50) TEJA1631 Q1
What characteristics do you consider important in a friend? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. (65) Ekhlass1980 TOEFL speaking
TPO 16-Task :If you could have any job or career you wanted, which would you choose and why? Give specific details to explain your response. (90) Amin111 Q1
TPO 17 - Question 1 Talk about a special opportunity that was given to you. Explain why the opportunity was important. (66) Sabarnakha Q1