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TPO43Imagine that you are in a classroom or a meeting. The teacher or the meeting leader says something incorrect In your opinion, which of the following is the best thing to do?•Interrupt and correct the mistake right away.•Wait until the class or me (80) Masih1991 Independent TOEFL Writing
Medical technology can increase the humans life expectancy. Is it blessing or curse? (77) Vaka143@2 PTE_Academic
The charts below show the percentage of their food budget the average family spent on restaurant meals in different years. The graph shows the number of meals eaten in fast food restaurants and sit-down restaurants.You should write at least 150 words. (73) Manpreet kaurR IELTS Writing Task I - IELTS Academic
As compared to the past, children these days spend more of their leisure time indoors with computers and TV and less time outdoors. Describe some of the problems this lack of outdoor leisure time can cause and suggest at least one possible solution. (80) Sarah220 IELTS Writing Task II - IELTS Academic
There is a gap in standard of living between countryside and cities. How true is this in your country? What measures should be taken to reduce this gap? (73) vishal sachdeva IELTS Writing Task II - IELTS Academic
Nowadays culture is more or less same around the world due to globalization. Is it a positive trend or negative trend? (84) tahmeed1993 IELTS Writing Task II - IELTS Academic
More and more people are opting for ready-made food instead of freshly cooked food. Do this development has more advantages over disadvantages?. (70.5) AdekunleAdeniyi IELTS Writing Task II - IELTS General Training
TPO 54 (3) Hailey Xia Integrated TOEFL Writing
In many countries, the proportion of older people is steadily increasing. Does this trend have positive or negative effects on society? (84) lenguyenynhitk IELTS Writing Task II - IELTS Academic
For success in a future job, the ability to relate well to people is more important than studying hard in school. (70) Lindsy Independent TOEFL Writing