Choose a good TOEFL testing center

Submitted by cowboy1 on Fri, 11/02/2012 - 12:53

I took TOEFL exam last year and failed. I had a bad luck in the testing center: when i just started the exam in 5 minutes, the whole system hung up. We waited about 10 minutes for the system re-setup. Then when i was doing listening section, someone else was doing speaking. I can hear her voice clearly instead of paying attention to my listening.

I managed to finish the exam but i knew that it is not going to be the score i expected.

I registered another testing center for my second TOEFL exam this year on Oct. I was careful this time. I went to Internet to check out whether there are any compliants for this testing center. I asked my freinds about the testing centers they have chosen. Also i drove to the testing center before my registration and took a look how is the building and facilities.

Hopefully i got a goo mark this time and now i am busy preparing the univeristy applications.

What i want to talk here is that the exam is sensitive, we need to be carefull for everything specially the last step in testing center.