My TOEFL story

My friend asked me check out her daughter's TOEFL essay writing. I am not sure how is the TOEFL essay writing nowadays, so i did a online search, then it brought me to the site

Well, testbig is a great site and it doesn't bother me to evaluate her essays, instead i just told her the site name and let her check by herself.

But this reminded me a story for my TOEFL exam 7 years ago when i was new in the new country as an immigrant. I need to pass TOEFL exam in order to get pharmacy license. It is a bad time for TOEFL exam at Nov. 2005 i believe. The old TOEFL CBT just finished at september and new TOEFL iBT is just issued.

I took TOEFL iBT two times, but every time i just got around 70 out of 120. I was wondering how come when i was doing practicing on paper based exam, i get minimum over 580, most times over 600. and my speking is good enough compared to those new immigrants.

I asked this question online and people had the same story. One of the main reason may be that new TOEFL iBT is just newly issued and still on test. So it doesn't test out your real mark.

Hopefully i am told that there still a test center available on paper based. But it is in another city. i have to book a hotel and rent a car to go there for the exam.

The good news is that i got 605 on paper based exam and finally i got the parmacy license after passed other exams.

I would like to share my toefl exam experiences here I would hope to help your guys:

1. You need to choose good materials for practicing. For sure materials from ETS will be the best.

2. You need to have practicing as much as possible. for example, for toefl speaking, you really need to record your voice and check out by an expert or native speakers to see how it is.

3. You need to find out your flaws exactly. In another word, you need to know yourself very well. and you need to focus and put more time for those flaws. I remember i was poor at listening for short conversation (you don't have short conversation nowadays for iBT), then i put all short conversations into a MP3 and listen to them all the time possible.

Well, that is all i want to share with. I hope you the best in TOEFL exam.