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Readability index scores

please explain

Click above links and you can reach the explanations in details.

please tell me i explain each and everything so why give me 5 band plz explain mee

Need to read those warning messages in your essays, like:

No of words: 235.0 315.596192385 74% => More content wanted.
Unique words: 153.0 176.041082164 87% => More unique words wanted.
difficult_words: 66.0 78.4519038076 84% => More difficult words wanted.

that's reason you got 5.0 out of 9. So next time, put more content with more unique words and the scores will be higher.

Give me mistakes related to task 1

Give me band score on my essay

QUESTION: Some children receive almost no encouragement from their parents regarding their performance at school, while other children receive too much pressure from their over enthusiastic parents which can have a negative impact on the child.
Why do you think some parents put too much pressure on their children to perform well at school?
What do you think the role of a parent in their child’s education?

Children’s performance in school is always a concern for the parents. A few of the parents does not give any attention towards the child’s educational growth and improvement whereas others show a plethora of involvement in all the academic activities which could have a bad effect on a child. I believe, due to the competitive surrounding parents always want their children to outperform and hence put a lot of pressure on the academic numbers. I think the parent should act as guardian for children, help them when required and should allow them to develop themselves with the freedom, not burden.

Nowadays, technology is growing extremely fast and adopting much more automation. Due to the automation, all countries are cutting down the human resources. Every individual multinational company wants to with perfection with the help of machines. In these situations, if a child would not perform better, he or she would be out of the competition and will have to survive with the basic requirements. The limited opportunities would be taken by the experts and hence parents pressurise their pupils to run in an invisible race since childhood

Both of the parents are equally important for the improvement of the child. What role one should perform id entirely depends on the capability of a particular child. Some of the children require more attention whilst others need comparatively less as they are capable enough to take their own decisions. For instance, the average academic students might have interests in other curriculum activities like arts or sports, hence for those, encouraging such activities are crucial. However, for other children, concentrating on academic education is fundamental.

According to my views, the introduction of automation increased the competition of employment which in turn forced parents to pressurise their kids to compete for survival.
However, parents should act as guardian and provide help them when required understanding the need of a individuals capabilities.

could you please evaluate and let me know about the band?

You may send essays from this link:

Hello, According to me your band score is 7 band.

Currently, In some countries increasing population especially of young generation is more rather than elder people. this scenario has put some merits and demerits issues. in the regards following essay elaborates a balanced proportion of pros and cons.

On One hand, Increasing population of young generation have a more chance for any nation which could have many advantages in terms of economy and feasibility for their country have a better environment. Firstly, more young generation has a great potential for contributing in the field of sports because in this field youngsters can play a vital role at national and international levels. Secondly, they are healthier and faster technological adoptive generation in every aspect of life as compared to older people. For instance, the youths of China, 1990 have experienced 27 times increased in Chinese GDP during their lifetime. This example illustrates that the young generation has more potential doing any work.

On the flip side, there is some disadvantage for increasing number of youngsters in the same aspects because the large proportion of productive age, so they are required more educational system and children rearing services. Furthermore, the unemployment rate valued be growing up within this issue. In result, more people require workplace and create competition however a real danger to the health of unemployment insurance budgets. For example, as one of the poorest countries in the world, its ever-growing youth population is a major problem in Chad where are proport of the population under 18 years in age compares 54 percent of its total population. There are many youth citizens include less level of education for woman, women's lack of control over reproduction decisions, and a lack of access to effective family a planing assistance. the example shows clearly that the younger generation has many disadvantages as well.

In conclusion, I believe that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages but a balanced population proportion could be more feasible and viable for any nation.

This essay came today 28.12.2018 for IELTS academic mode in Sri Lanka.

I will be happy if i get same in real exam. Is it really 7.5 band essay? I would be extremely happy if you suggest me the improvements. Thanks -Shamim

Can you please explain why I got 5.5 so I can do better next time?

The second reason is out of topic. the topic is about kids learning, not advantages of technologies.

Many people relish pastime performing activities. Some argue that intellectual works such as reading or doing word puzzles are crucial to do during spare time, whereas other people contend that it is vital to give rest to the brain during leisure time. In my opinion, one should give rest to their mind as it helps to rejuvenate our brain.

On the one hand, spending free time by reading and doing word puzzles improve general knowledge and intellectual power. In other words, reading newspapers or magazines helps people to keep up-to-date with the national scenario and also increases the vocabulary bank. In addition, word puzzles game bolster the analytical power and intelligence as it often requires brainstorming and critical thinking to solve it. For instance, one of my friend who often spends time reading newspapers in break time knows more about the current political and social scenario of my country such as the name of new minister or recent major accidents than any other.

On the other hand, it is often believed that one needs to rest their mind so as to energize it for the upcoming working time. The mind of people gets exhausted after working for long hours and it seems absolutely necessary to rest the mind by taking a nap or watching films. These activities tend to release good hormones and take mind off of stressful work for time being. As a result, one can work again with full efficiency. A recent report from a medical journal reported that each hour of sleep increases the efficiency of brain work by 2%.

In conclusion, though some people wish to read and play word games for knowledge during free time, it is agreed that one needs to take rest during such time so as to work again effectively.

I'd appreciate it if you let me know why my essay scores don't change from 8 to 8.5.

It means your essay level is around 8.0 out of 9.

Could you please check my writing essays??

There is a Nook and Corner of world.....U made one mistake in second paragraph....!!....not noop and corner of world.