TOEFL test leaks

Submitted by sonia123 on Sun, 02/09/2014 - 16:11

The independent essay was : high school students stay very busy with their school assignments. Do u agree or disagree that they should be required for the household chores. Support ur answer with reasons and examples.

The 4 reading passages were about English and American colonies.

2.honey bee hive, mating and communication.

3. Agriculture & trading in ancient time.

Speaking : if u wud donate some money which organization of ur locality.

1 environmental

Speaking agree or disagree ... Legends are born or anybody can be a legend with hard work.

Integrated speaking - the reading passage was about "niche collection"....the lecture was an example of the same... How ants protect the tree from other animals building their nest under the tree and depend on the tree for their food & survival.

The announcement was about the free excercise classes in the gym & the opinion of the woman about it.

The last one was about operational method in a business class. How the employees try to convince more & more customers for getting bonus.