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writing task 2

In contemporary era,due to swift progression in all the fields, the number of parents considers reading books and magazines as a entertainment spend their children leisure time.In my opinion children are spend this time in the reading entertainment books this essay is an attempt.

To begin with,children are reading to the enjoyable books.what this means is that entertainment books that contain colorful pictures. children are read story books are usually more cheerful and willing to share ideas when exploring words.In addition,children are meant to enjoy their childhood without any pressure.Given that children will start their school life and study knowledge when they grow up them to force read educational books during their early stage of life. Therefore, children should read enjoyable sources of information when they are still young.

on the other hand, unequivocally serious books can during many benefits to children.It has been scientifically proven that knowledge much more easier during childhood.By reading educational books,it is more efficient for children to learn the skills and logical thinking,which have high entry requirements.for instance,children love to read mathematics books can usually master olympic mathematics,Moreover, another is the opportunity to stay with their parents.As reading educational books can sometimes be challenging,parents take the chances to go through the serious books with them and therefore can chose relationship with them.

In conclusion, both enjoyable and educational books play roles for children.I would agree that children should alternatively read both types of books to their children experience.Some parents believe that reading entertainment books is a waste of time for children, they should only read educational books.

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