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According to a recent report, cheating among college and university students is on the rise. However, Groveton College has successfully reduced student cheating by adopting an honor code, which calls for students to agree not to cheat in their academic en

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In preceeding argument, the author suggests that all colleges and universities use honor codes to curb cheating, adducing a diminish in reported cheating cases at Groveton College after similar measure was taken. While at first glance the argument seems to be quite plausible, a closer scrutiny sheds light on a plethora of questions yet to be answered, which could be critical to the valuation of the recommendation.

To begin with, more evidence need to be provided when it comes to the rising cheating among college and university students. In the argument, the author cites a recent report, but fails to show how reliable the report is. The results can be affected by multifarious variances, and facts may be blured. For instance, it is possible that the methods adopted in this study is different from previous ones, making more students unwittingly admit their behavior of cheating. Alternatively, the samples selected in the study are not representative to reveal the overall trends in colleges and universities. Beforing answering these questions, that cheating are becoming more rampant need to be viewed discreetly.

In addition, we do not know whether Groveton\'s honor code really dwindled cheating rates in comparison with monitor from teachers. Cheating reports from students may not be ingenious. There is a possibility that students are reluctant to report the cheating behavior of others, in fear of causing troubles. The author neither rules out the possibility that students may collude to cheat in exams, disguising the wrong doing of each other. To fully evaluate the effects of the honor codes, surveillance from teachers may be used in parallel with student reports, enabling the evaluation of reliability of reports from students.

Last but not least, again it is problematic to substantiate the author\'s recommendation by a survey conducted on students at Groveton College. Firstly, students tend not to tell the truth when asked about such sentitive topics as cheating. Secondly, while a large proportion of students would not cheat with honor codes, a small number of students might not be detered by this measure, and cheat more frequently instead. So it is not advisable to emphasize the responses from the majority of students. On the contrary, Groveton College need to focus on students who are most likely to cheat.

In sum, it is true that colleges and universities ought to fight cheating in protecting the integrity and impartiality of education and exams, the recommendation above is not supported by the facts proffered. Therefore, clearly there is no compelling reason for all colleges and universities to adopt honor codes or similar systems.

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